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LOS ANGELES – The film 9 to 5 has taken its place in American history as a beloved comedy with serious subject matter. Multiple generations know every lyric to the iconic theme song that has become an anthem for working women everywhere who seek fairness, equality and dignity from their male counterparts.  After more than 40 years, the feature documentary Still Working 9 to 5 celebrates the iconic film, while chronicling the important impact it had on the women’s movement of the time and one that continues today.   

Still Working 9 to 5 reunites stars Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman from original 9 to 5 film,  as well as Rita Moreno from the 9 to 5 TV series, Allison Janney from the Broadway musical, and other stars from the television and stage versions of the classic film.  Also featured are activists and individuals closely associated with the women’s movement both now and then. 

The documentary explores the comedic tone of the film and how it resonated with a wide audience at a time when the feminist message was being rejected and/or feared by a large swathe of the population.  It further follows how the success of the film spawned various 9 to 5  spin-offs including a TV series (1980s) and musicals (2009 & 2019), discussing the same issues addressed in the film (and its spinoffs) and questions if the message retains its original poignancy, as well as examining what has and has not changed for women in the workplace over the last 40 years.

Sure to be a hit with everyone, the film also includes a musical surprise.  Audiences will get to experience the debut of a new duet version of the original 9 to 5 theme song, produced by Shane McAnally and performed by Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson.  

SXSW Screenings

  • Sunday, 13 March 2022 – Screening @ 3:45 PM CT, SXSW Film Theater
  • Monday, 14 March 2022 – On-line Screening @ 9:00 AM CT
  • Monday, 14 March 2022 – Satellite Screening @ 6:00 PM CT, AFS Cinema
  • Friday, 18 March 2022 – Screening @ 4:45 PM CT, Stateside Theatre

Still Working 9 To 5

96 minutes | US | 2022 | English
Directors: Camille Hardman, Gary Lane
Cast: Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman, Rita Moreno, Allison Janney, Stephanie J Block, Megan Hilty, Joe Mantello, Marc Kudisch

Still Working 9 to 5 explores why workplace inequality is no laughing matter in the last 40 years since the 9 to 5 comedy was released. Starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Dabney Coleman. All of whom sat down for new interviews in the film.

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aGLIFF presents Sweetheart

aGLIFF announces the Queer Spectrum screening for April 2022 will feature Sweetheart, the debut feature from director Marley Morrison, on April 27 at the Galaxy Theatre at 7 PM.



aGLIFF announces the Queer Spectrum screening for April 2022 will feature Sweetheart, the debut feature from director Marley Morrison, on April 27 at the Galaxy Theatre.

Marley Morrison’s debut feature Sweetheart charts the relationship between two young women during a summer holiday. Chosen as the 2021 Audience Award winner at the Glasgow Film Festival, “Sweetheart” is a sharply observed coming-of-age story.

17-year-old AJ is not one of life’s shiny, happy people. A family holiday at a caravan park in Dorset is her idea of hell. A moody misfit, she dresses for concealment and lets everyone know that she would rather be anywhere else. Then she spies flirty, free-spirited lifeguard Isla who might just be the girl of her dreams. Can AJ dare to take a first step on the road to happiness?

Presented in partnership with Sandra Hucker Consulting and Life Grows Green Hemp-Derived Products.

aGLIFF presents Sweetheart on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2022 at the Galaxy Theatre at 6700 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, Texas 78752, starting at 7 PM. Open to aGLIFF members and guests for free; individual tickets are $12 each (plus applicable service fees) and are available for purchase now at

wed27apr7:00 PM9:00 PMFeaturedaGLIFF presents Sweetheart7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Galaxy Theatre Austin


94 minutes | UK | 2021 | English
Director: Marley Morrison
Cast: Nell Barlow, Jo Hartley, Ella-Rae Smith, Sophia Di Martino, Samuel Anderson, Tabitha Byron

A socially awkward, environmentally conscious, lesbian misfit teenager named AJ becomes unexpectedly captivated by a chlorine smelling, sun-loving lifeguard named Isla whilst on a depressing holiday with her family. For AJ, the only thing worse than spending an entire week with her uniquely ‘un-woke’ family is being in a seaside cabin with no Wi-Fi…. until carefree lifeguard Isla sees through AJ’s uniquely adopted persona.


The Guardian said “if you thought Ammonite was going to be this year’s only gay love story set in Dorset, think again”:

“The resulting spark is the kind of miracle that maybe really only happens in the movies, but it doesn’t stop this being a good-natured love story, doomed to flower and fade in the space of a single holiday, leaving behind the traditional coming-of-age realisation that friends and family are what’s important right now.

The Irish Times called it “One of the year’s best feature debuts.”:

“Morrison makes use of the bland coastal vistas to create a convincingly enclosed container against which AJ can bash her brains. … There is not a bad performance.”

LeftLion says “this coming of age story is well worth your time”:

“So, while the coming of age subgenre is perhaps overly saturated, Sweetheart manages to bring a new, niche approach to the game. With a sharp and intelligent script excellently delivered by a fantastic cast, this marks an outstanding success story for Morrison – and with his debut feature, no less. Sweeeet.”

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aGLIFF presents Paris, 13th District

aGLIFF’s Queer Spectrum screening for March is the sexy French film “Paris, 13th District (Les Olympiades)” by Jacques Audiard at the Galaxy Theatre on March 30 at 7 PM.



aGLIFF announces the Queer Spectrum screening for March 2022 will feature the sexy French film Paris, 13th District (Les Olympiades) by Jacques Audiard on March 30 at the Galaxy Theatre.

Following the lives of several Parisian 30 somethings, “Paris, 13th District (Les Olympiades)” is based on three short graphic novels from acclaimed Brooklyn-based illustrator Adriane Tomine. Filmed in gorgeous black and white and intertwined in vibrant color, this sexy drama features a cast of talented young rising stars.

2015 Palme d’Or winner Jacques Audiard brings Tomine’s novels (Amber Sweet, Killing and Dying, and Hawaiian Getaway) to life setting the film in the mixed high-rise neighborhood in Paris located in the 13th District bringing to life the sprawling dreams of desire and human connection in the city of love.

Presented in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

aGLIFF presents Paris, 13th District on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2022 at the Galaxy Theatre at 6700 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, Texas 78752, starting at 7 PM. Open to aGLIFF members and guests for free; individual tickets are $12 each (plus applicable service fees) and are available for purchase now at

wed30mar7:00 PM9:00 PMFeaturedaGLIFF presents Paris, 13th District7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Galaxy Theatre Austin

Paris, 13th District (Les Olympiades, Paris 13e)

106 minutes | France | 2021 | French
Director: Jacques Audiard
Cast: Lucie Zhang, Makita Samba, Jehnny Beth, Noémie Merlant

Adapted from Adrian Tomine’s acclaimed graphic novel, Paris, 13th District weaves a breezy tapestry of modern love stories. Beautifully realized in crisp black-and-white cinematography, the electrifying, multicultural 13th arrondissement sets the stage for a panoramic tale of four young lovers.

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Moon Manor

Sometimes learning how to live, is learning how to die.



On his last day alive, Jimmy will show his estranged brother, salt-of-the earth caretaker, sharp-witted death doula, a novice obituary writer, a cosmic being, and the guests at his FUNeral that sometimes the art of living just may be the art of dying. An exploration of what it means to have a “good death” and inspired by the life stories of 84-year-old lead actor James Carrozo, Moon Manor is the debut feature from female filmmaking duo KnifeRock, and marks the first original score by Coldplay producers The Dream Team.

Moon Manor debuts theatrically and streaming on-demand starting Friday, March 11, 2022.

Moon Manor

103 minutes | US | 2021 | English
Directors: Erin Granat & Machete Bang Bang
Cast: James Carrozo, Debra Wilson, Richard Riehle, Lou Taylor Pucci, Reshma Gajjar, Galen Howard, Ricki Lake, Heather Morris, Gayle Rankin, Whitmer Thomas

With his Alzheimer’s becoming worse, Jimmy (James Carrozo) has only a day to live. He decides to die like he lived, with intention, humor and zest, and show his funeral guests that the art of living may actually be the art of dying.

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