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Cool Bachelor Party Tips



A Man Wearing a Black Suit Holding a Glass. (Wayne Fotografias/Pexels)

If your best friend is finally tying the knot and you have the honours to be his best man, then you know what time it is. It’s party time! 

Gather all the close men in the groom-to-be’s life and start planning the night to remember. Although, keep the party relatively intimate because a bachelor party is all about the people that the future groom is truly close to. Are you ready to start planning the wildest night of your bud’s life?

Check out some cool tips we’ve got for you.

Keep the guest list short

When planning a bachelor party for your best bud, don’t make the guest list too long. It’s the night for only the closest friends, so keep it intimate. If he has brothers or cousins that he’s in constant contact with, include them too. 

However, try not to include more than ten people. Ideally, you’ll invite between eight and ten fellas for the best bachelor party you’ve ever planned. 

Always consult the groom on the guest list, so you don’t miss inviting someone he really wants to be there.

The groom needs to be involved

Speaking of consulting the groom, he needs to be as involved as the person planning the party. Some men won’t be up for going to Vegas or partying wild at the local pub, but would rather have an at-home party or have a beach party in Gold Coast, or go up in the woods for a bachelor weekend. That’s why you should always keep the future groom included in all major decision making.

Decide where to host it

Once you’ve made the guest list and informed everyone about the party planning via group chat, you should start pitching ideas for the ideal party location. 

As mentioned earlier, the future groom should have his saying in this aspect of the party. If he doesn’t have any specific location in mind, feel free to suggest various spots and choose the most attractive one. You can go to the bachelor weekend abroad, decide to have a sports night, go on a cruise, rent an RV or throw a wild bachelor night at home.

Hands Up During a Party. (KoolShooters/Pexels)

Make it exotic with strippers

Every bachelor party needs a little bit of an adventure. 

Did you decide to rent a beach house in Byron Bay and have some fun in the sun and a pool party in the evening? If you’ve opted for a casual bachelor party at home, spice it up with some exotic dancers. You can find exceptionally talented strippers in Byron Bay who will make the bachelor party truly unforgettable. 


Come up with fun activities

Many bachelor parties take place away from home on a bachelor’s weekend getaway. 

  • Are you going to Vegas to gamble? 
  • Or are you spending a weekend up in the mountains? 

Whichever way you go, don’t spend the entire time doing one thing. 

Make the whole experience more thrilling by including multiple activities into the mix. Go hiking or consider extreme sports. 

  • Are there any rafting tours available where you’re going? 
  • What about bungee jumping? 
  • Maybe you’d like to go on a winery or brewery tour? 

Explore all the options around the location of your party, and turn the bachelor weekend into a memorable experience for the entire group.

Make arrangements for after the party 

Bachelor parties are always wild, and taking care of the mess left behind is something you rather not do yourself. Plan helpers in advance, be it for cleaning, repair damage like burned carpets, taking down decoration, or just moving inventory around.

Final thoughts

Hosting a bachelor party will be a big responsibility. You’ll need to meet everyone’s expectations and not let the groom down either. Make sure the future groom is included in all the decision making and try to throw the most unforgettable party for him and the rest of the crowd. The tips we’ve listed will be a good guide on your party planning journey.

Peter is a lifestyle writer at Queer Voices magazine, living between Australia and Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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