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Matt Palmer: “I Don’t Want It”



Los Angeles-based pop singer, songwriter and producer Matt Palmer has released his new single “I Don’t Want It,” a sexy and confident single off of his upcoming EP, The Good Parts.

“‘I’ve written so many broken-hearted boy songs up to this point that writing a song from the perspective of someone who’s afraid of commitment and, in turn, doing the heart breaking was really fun,” Palmer says about the new single. “I also built this song around a bassline instead of a big chord progression, which is my go-to. I’m really proud of how this one turned out!”

The Good Parts – available May 28 – features sleek and modern pop/R&B production alongside singable melodies, confessional lyrics, and dynamic vocal arrangements. From the soul-pop balladry of “Chasing Fireworks” to the floaty yet anthemic “Do It All Again” and the bass heavy first single “I Don’t Want It,” The Good Parts is Matt Palmer exploring the sound of 2021 pop/R&B, and making it his own.

“When I started working on The Good Parts, I was going through a break up and planned on it being 100% a break up record but it really evolved into something else as things evolved in my personal life,” says Palmer. “Musically, I love that there are smoother, bass-heavy songs like “I Don’t Want It”, more midtempo, synth-based tracks like “Do It All Again” and a couple of ballads but it never feels too disjointed. I hope it’s a good soundtrack for us as we figure out what life is like post-lockdown!”

The release is Palmer’s third EP, a seven-single album that serves as a fitting follow up to his 2018 visual EP, Get Lost which told the story of a specific relationship from start to finish. In 2014, Matt released his debut EP Stranger Than Fiction, which marked his first release as an openly gay artist.

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