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Gay Holidays for Singles: 5 Fabulous Destination Ideas



Photo credit: Simon Migaj / Unsplash

Traveling is one of the rare joys of the world that doesn’t have a single negative side (except spending money). No matter the destination, you will get to see new things, experience new cultures and meet interesting people. It’s also an activity that’s perfect for singles, especially those ready to mingle and have tons of wild fun. While traveling while gay was once quite tricky (being gay was and still is illegal in some countries), the current situation is much friendlier. So which destinations are perfect for a fabulous gay vacation for singles?

Nyhavn, København, Denmark. Photo credit: Nick Karvounis / Unsplash

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly places on Earth. Copenhagen is a city always ready to welcome everyone no matter their sexual orientation; a city filled with queer spirit and backed up with years of history of gay rights promotion. Copenhagen is also one of the most livable cities in the world thanks to a high living standard, world-class public transport, organized public spaces and a ton of events open for public. It’s very easy for everyone—gay, straight or questioning—to have fun in this colorful and lively Scandinavian city, so put it on your travel list today.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Photo credit: Adam Jang / Unsplash

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel was once a very open-minded country. While it’s getting more and more conservative every day, its capital, Tel Aviv, is still one of the best places in the world to be gay and single. Known for its wild nightlife, Tel Aviv also welcomes its visitors with white sand beaches, busy markets, delicious food and interesting people. And here’s a fun fact: according to some estimates, 25% of the city population is queer in some way. Is that enough to put Tel Aviv on your holiday map?

Photo credit: Christopher Burns / Unsplash

Sydney, Australia

Thanks to its free spirit and open-mindedness, Sydney is one of the perfect destinations for every gay person, singles especially. From gay dance parties to world-class drag shows, you’re guaranteed to have a blast in the Land Down Under. Australians are also friendly and more than easy on the eye, and there’s not much they consider a taboo. Always ready for experimentation and wild nights, make sure to surprise your Aussie catch with a few naughty sex toys and see what they do. You’ll be introduced to a whole new world of adult fun. During the day, you’ll be busy hitting hipster coffee shops, exploring galleries and taking lazy quayside walks while soaking up the sun.

A view from above at little Venice at the island of Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece. Photo credit: Dimitris Kiriakakis / Unsplash

Mykonos, Greece

If this is your first gay holiday while single, start your party season at Mykonos. Extremely gay-friendly and wild, Mykonos serves as a playground for all gays looking to spend their days in the sun and nights in the dark with a warm body. Anything goes in Mykonos’ gay clubs, and when you wake up hangover the next day, you can cure your headache at the beach or in one of the exclusive hotels. Not enough for you? Make sure to hit Mykonos in August and party 30,000 other gays at the XLSIOR International Summer Gay Festival.

House in Palm Springs, CA. Photo credit: Cody Board / Unsplash

Palm Springs, California, USA

Palm Springs is officially back as the ‘it’ destination for gays. Finally, baby! This Californian city is full of gays and you can find them in clothing-optional resorts, fab night clubs, chic galleries and museums, sweaty hiking trails, exclusive dining venues and everywhere in between, so if you’re single and ready not to be single anymore, you’ll have a huge plate of dating options. Hell, over 40% of the permanent Palm Springs population identifies as LGBTQ+, so it’s safe to say that this destination is the world’s gay capital. Naturally, with these numbers, discrimination is almost non-existent, so you can always be your most authentic self here.

Like anything you see? You’re probably super excited to hit one of these gay-friendly destinations and enjoy your single summer holiday to the fullest. We already know you’re going to have an unforgettable and super-steamy vacation in 2021!

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