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QueerBomb 2019



The Queerbomb procession headed down the 6th Street Entertainment District in Austin Texas in June 2015. Photo credit: Chase Martin / therepubliq.

QueerBomb was born ten years ago, from the need seen by many within the LGBTQIA+ community to create a free, all-inclusive, all-ages, corporate-free, and sponsorship-free event to “celebrate each and every member of our community and encourage all to embrace the manifold ways we contribute to building a beautiful and diverse society” during the month of Stonewall.

Now, on the first Saturday in June, QueerBomb kicks off a summer of pride with an explosion of celebration starting with a rally in East Austin at Fair Market which turns in to a procession through Austin’s 6th Street Entertainment District and ends up at the after party back at Fair Market.

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The Rally

QueerBomb kicks off with a rally at Fair Market. Unlike a typical pride festival, you don’t have to by a ticket and you won’t see any corporate representation. The groups represented are all local non-profit organizations and none of them were charged for their space.

Something else you won’t find at QueerBomb is a headliner or out-of-town entertainment. The rally lasts about an hour and a half and features speakers, primarily from marginalized segments of the LGBTQIA+ community: trans*, QPOC, Latinx, sex workers, etc. Previous QueerBombs have also featured local entertainers.

There is an accessible/ramp entrance in the alley directly behind Fair Market off of Waller Street for mobility impaired attendees. This ramp leads directly into the yard with a reserved space at the highest point of the yard directly at the end of the entrance ramp.

ASL interpreters are also available during the rally.

The Procession

The highlight of QueerBomb is the procession. With a typical pride parade, you have floats with spectators on the sidelines. With QueerBomb, everyone is the parade.

Once the rally is over at 8:30 PM SHARP, the crowd pours out of Fair Market on to the streets and marches down the ‘straightest’ street in Austin. The procession doesn’t close down the streets, so Austin Police will escort the procession and hold traffic at intersections until it passes. The procession heads up 6th Street before turning on Brazos, then back down 7th Street before heading back to Fair Market for the after-party. Note: While the rally and procession are all-ages, the after-party is usually 18+.

Pedicabs are available at both the front and accessible/ramp entrances for mobility impaired participants who want to take part in the procession. The pedicabbers are donating their services, so be sure to show some appreciation and thank them for their time.


Just because it’s a free event, doesn’t mean that it’s free to produce. With no corporate sponsorship or tickets sales to cover the costs, QueerBomb hosts a GoFundMe campaign as well as several fundraisers leading up to the event itself to cover the $16K it costs to host the event.

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The Manifesto

QueerBomb is a family of LGBTQIA individuals gathering to support our unique and collective pride. Our purpose is to provide a space to celebrate each and every member of our community and encourage all to embrace the manifold ways we contribute to building a beautiful and diverse society. We reclaim the radical, carnal and transgressive lineage of our ever-changing community in our ongoing fight for equal justice and the right to express ourselves in whatever way we see fit.

Each June, the month of Stonewall, we stand together to embrace our sexuality, bodies, personalities, art, music, literature and politics, while recapturing pride from corporate sponsorship. We strive for a pride that refuses to put rules on what you can and can’t be proud of, that says every expression, from the spirit to the flesh, is worthy.

QueerBomb does not apologize. QueerBomb does not make excuses. QueerBomb is free for all. QueerBomb stands proud, and so should you.

Chase is the founder and Creative Director of, former host and Executive Producer of OutCast Austin, an award-winning LGBT weekly radio program on KOOP 91.7 FM in Austin. In 2011, he was named the Critics Pick for 'Most Gaybiquitous' in the Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin. In 2012, CultureMap Austin named him one of Austin's Top LGBT bloggers and he received the AGLCC's Chamber Award for Social Media Diva.

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