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New .gay Top-Level Domain Champions LGBTQ Nonprofits and Online Safety

Sunrise period for brand owners underway – setting a new standard to strengthen LGBTQ communities.



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Domain registry Top Level Design proudly announces the launch of generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) ‘.gay‘ after a near decade-long application process. The .gay domain extension represents a historic step forward that signals support of LGBTQ people, causes, and businesses. The gTLD sunrise period is currently underway for trademark registration through March 31, open to businesses that have their trademark validated with TMCH; an additional phase for other trademark holders follows thereafter.

“We believe that .gay is something special – our mission is to provide a distinctive digital space devoted to connecting and celebrating LGBTQ communities,” said Ray King, CEO of Top Level Design. “We’re already seeing great uptake, from Fortune 100 to LGBTQ-specific brands and public figures, secure domain names during our Sunrise period and look forward to continuing to build momentum with upcoming launch phases.”

In addition to creating a completely new medium for LGBTQ visibility, .gay is making an industry-first commitment to donate 20 percent of all new registration revenue to nonprofit partners, which will help address key issues facing these communities. All registrars are also encouraged to match the .gay donation at the retail level or make their own pledges in support of LGBTQ people.

This year .gay is honored to share this donation with inaugural beneficiaries GLAAD and CenterLink, two organizations that offer vital tools and life-saving services to these communities.

“CenterLink is proud to partner with .gay as they launch their campaign to lift up LGBTQ voices and create more gay-friendly spaces on the internet,” said Denise Spivak, Interim CEO of CenterLink. “.gay’s generous support of CenterLink and the Center Action Network will ensure that those voices are heard as we engage and mobilize LGBTQ people across the country.”

Additionally, GLAAD’s Media Guide is core to all .gay marketing resources and “.gay Rights Protections” policy, which ensures that registrars and domains will represent LGBTQ people appropriately and respond to reported instances of hate or harassment on .gay sites. The registry is committed to set a higher industry standard by taking steps to ensure that all .gay domain names remain free of harassment, hate speech, and anti-LGBTQ content, as well as provide specific remedies for domains that do not uphold these standards.


All websites on .gay represent an opportunity to give global populations a more meaningful online experience that connects and celebrates LGBTQ communities.

“Pink Media makes history as the first-ever .gay site activated with now live online, ” said King. “As a social-first LGBTQ media company, its #ILoveGay brand and mission to usher in a more connected world is perfectly aligned with our vision for the .gay domain.”

The launch schedule includes a required phase for registered trademark holders as well as additional phases for the most-interested and active parties before it is made globally available to all. For corporate brands and employers, this extension is a clear sign of diversity and inclusion that could be leveraged for employee resource groups and LGBTQ outreach. Phases begin at 15:00:00 UTC and end at 14:59:59 UTC.

February 10 – March 31, 2020

Sunrise: A required phase for all trademark holders already registered in ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse to register domains matching their approved trademarks.

April 6 – May 6, 2020

Sunrise II: An innovative phase that expands the scope of acceptable trademarks and service marks to those registered with any verifiable national or international body (e.g., WIPO, USPTO, UKIPO, OHIM-EUIPO).

May 11 – May 18, 2020

Early Access Period: Registration prices start higher and then decrease daily. It is most relevant for those interested in valuable, generic keywords.

May 20, 2020

General Availability: Registration will be open to the public. Anyone who wishes can register a name ending in .gay on a , first-come, first-served basis. Prices will begin under $30.

For more information or support on purchasing a .gay domain, visit

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