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Fabulous LGBTQ Wedding Gifts



No matter if you’re straight or LGBT, buying a wedding present for gay couples is not an easy task. We all know just how specific we, the rainbow party, can be, so unless there’s a clear presence of a wedding registry, gift shopping can turn into a nightmare. However, here are a few gifts that are always a hit among LGBTQ newlyweds:

Wedding photography

If you know your couple is struggling to make the ends of their wedding budget meet, why not help them out by gifting them a present of professional wedding photography. Consult with the couple, and if you find out that they don’t have anything planned for pre-wedding or post-wedding shots, just say that you’ll take care of it. There are photographers who specialize in same-sex wedding shoots, so someone like that would be your best choice.

Personalized vow books

More and more couples, especially LGBTQ couples, are choosing to say their own vows to tell their future spouse and everyone around how much this day means to them. Having a vow book is a great way to keep those vows safe and close. However, most book sets are sold as his and hers, which doesn’t work for our same-sex folks. Instead, order custom vow books with names so there’s no confusion.

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Home decoration

If your couple is just starting their lives together at a new place, why not help them decorate and get something bigger for their house. A rug is always a great idea, since it’s not too cheap but also not too expensive. Make sure to check out rugs made with wool or hemp if you know your couple is extra green (or at least trying to be in their life together). A rug is also a great present for couples with pets since there are special pet-friendly rugs that can handle little accidents, odors and frequent vacuuming.

Useful drinking glasses

If you want to give your LGBTQ couple something useful, but don’t want to go with classic crystal glasses or personalized champagne flutes, choose a unique bedside water carafe set. A set of two bottles and two glasses is a perfect gift that will definitely not go unused. Opt for something made with recycled glass that’s also dishwasher safe to save your couple from a lot of dishwashing time.

Matching lux bathrobes

Here’s a very thoughtful gift for couples who have everything: matching bathrobes. If you give them this gift in advance, they can use it on their wedding day when getting ready, as well as on their honeymoon. Opt for something luxurious and very soft that will last them for years. You can even monogram their initials or opt for classic “his & his” or ”hers & hers” embroidery. To complete the gift, also add monogrammed matching hand and bath towels.

Personalized throw blanket

Personalized throw blankets are a great present for all couples. Something lux yet simple and elegant with the couple’s names and the wedding date is universally beloved. You can choose your design, add a family name and the wedding date and you will provide your couple with a beautiful conversation piece and a reminder of their first days in their new life together.

Wedding wall art

The unwritten rule is to provide your couple with a present within the first three months of the wedding, so if you don’t want to rush the decision, you can wait until after the wedding and gift them some personalized wall art. Find the best photo of the couple from the wedding, hire an artist to create a custom sketch of the photo or an abstract painting for their wall. A simple silhouette of the couple with neutral colors always looks good and classy.

The most important thing you can give to your LGBTQ newlyweds is your support, however, these aforementioned presents will also come across a ton of approval. Choose something that’s most fitting for your same-sex lovebirds and you won’t go wrong for sure!

Peter is a lifestyle writer at Queer Voices magazine, living between Australia and Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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