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4th Street, looking west down the strip. Photo credit: Chase Martin / therepubliq

Austin’s gay nightlife is primarily centered in the historic Warehouse District, with four of the city’s seven LGBTQ clubs — Rain, Sellers Underground, Oilcan Harry’s, and Highland Lounge — located near the intersection of 4th and Colorado streets. Two other bars — The Iron Bear and Cheer Up Charlie’s — are located in different parts of downtown with another — BT2 Austin — located in North Austin. In the surrounding communities, only San Marcos hosts another LGBTQ bar — Stonewall Warehouse.

Since Lipstick24 closed back in 2013, Austin hasn’t had a dedicated bar for lesbians. Luckily there are several promoters out there putting on events throughout the year geared toward queer women. Be sure to check out Lesbutante & The Boss’ monthly Ladies Night at Sellers Underground the second Friday of each month. To find out more where the ladies are, check out our Austin Women’s Guide.



Half of Austin’s gay bars are located in the Warehouse District, including Oilcan Harry’s, Sellers Underground and Rain on 4th on 4th Street between Lavaca and Colorado streets. Photo credit: Chase Martin / therepubliq

Austin’s historic Warehouse District is the heart of the city’s gay nightlife scene, with half the gay bars located in a small one-block area. Oilcan Harry’s, Rain on 4th and, between them, the newest addition, Sellers Underground, make up the strip on 4th Street, between Lavaca and Colorado streets; with Highland Lounge just around the corner on Colorado Street. 

The City of Austin’s Smoking Ordinance prohibits smoking, including vaping, in public places and work places and within 15 feet of any pedestrian entrance.

Conveniently located just blocks away from the Austin Convention Center and downtown hotels, a majority of LGBTQ+ visitors to Austin rarely venture beyond these four venues.

Rain on 4th, one of the anchors of 4th Street, is one of the busiest clubs in the Warehouse District every day of the week. Photo credit: Chase Martin / therepubliq

Rain on 4th

217 W 4th St, Austin TX 78701

Rain on 4th is one of Austin’s most popular gay bars and is one of the anchors of 4th Street. Like most of the Warehouse District, 4th Street doesn’t pick up most weekends until late in the night, and Rain is no exception.

The club features four full bars. The Lounge is right off the entrance and is usually the only one open for happy hour during the weekdays. Then there’s the Big Room, with its popular light-up dance floor and stage. Out back is The Patio and if you keep going even further, The Big Back Deck.

The main restrooms are located through the exit on the right of the dancefloor, past the main bar. Additional single stall restrooms are located on the back deck when open), on each side of the deck bar. All restrooms are gender neutral.

Mondays – Thursdays – 4 PM – 2 AM
Fridays – Sundays – 3 PM – 2 AM
18+ welcome Thursday nights after 10 PM with cover


No Events

Oilcan Harry’s

211 W 4th St, Austin TX 78701

The oldest gay bar in Austin, Oilcan Harry’s has been serving the community for over 30 years now. The bar has recently come under new ownership and has had a makeover inside and out over the past year. The bar brings in a mixed crowd, including lots of former Austin residents who stop by when they’re back in town to revisit their old stomping grounds.

The are three full bars. The main bar, in front of the dance floor, is usually open starting at 9 PM during the week and at opening on weekends. The sports bar, to the left of the main bar, is open for happy hour every day. For smokers, there is the patio bar.

The main restrooms are located through to the left of the dancefloor. There is also a restroom located on the patio, behind the patio bar. All restrooms are gender neutral.

Mondays – Fridays – 2 PM – 2 AM
Saturdays – Sundays – NOON – 2 AM
18+ welcome Wednesdays and Sundays after 10 PM with cover


No Events

Sellers Underground

213 W 4th St, Austin TX 78701

The newest addition to 4th Street, Sellers was opened by the same guy that runs Icenhauer’s over on Rainey Street. It’s more lounge than nightclub and has turned in to a show bar with drag shows throughout the week.

Everyday – 4 PM – 2 AM
Always 21+


No Events

Highland Lounge

404 Colorado St, Austin TX 78701

Highland Lounge bills itself as Austin’s largest LGBT nightclub and with three levels it’s easy to see why. If shaking it on the dancefloor or enjoying the view from upstairs isn’t your cup of tea, head downstairs or or out to the back patio for a different vibe. There are plenty of spots to people watch from or just chill with friends.

Mondays – Wednesdays – CLOSED
Thursdays – 7 PM – 2 AM
Fridays – Saturdays – 9:30 PM – 3:30 AM
Sundays – 7:30 PM – 2 AM
18+ welcome on Thursday nights with cover