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september 2020

mon07sep7:00 PM9:00 PMQueerBomb Community Forum & Organizing Meeting7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Virtual


Greetings QueerBomb family and friends!

QueerBomb misses you and we hope you miss us too!
The QueerBomb crew is looking to bring the QueerBomb love to where you are!

Tell us what you think about QueerBomb, or what we how we could improve the QueerBomb magic!

We’ve created a questionnaire to help give us an idea of how we can create a more equitable and accessible space for the Austin Queer and Trans community. It is approx.10 minutes long or as long as you need to finish.

We’ll be discussing and looking through the feed back during our Equity Forum at our next Volunteering Meeting (9/07/2020). You can attend and/or fill out this questionnaire.

The community forum will be the first half of the meeting and the remainder of the meeting will be used for planning our next event.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We have two QueerBomb volunteers who are ASL interpreters (who you may have seen interpreting on stage at QueerBomb over the years). They have attended meetings but are not at every meeting, but if notified in advance, at least one should be able to attend and provide services.

QUEERBOMB MANIFESTO: QueerBomb is a family of LGBTQIA individuals gathering to support our unique and collective pride. Our purpose is to provide a space to celebrate each and every member of our community and encourage all to embrace the manifold ways we contribute to building a beautiful and diverse society. We reclaim the radical, carnal and transgressive lineage of our ever-changing community in our ongoing fight for equal justice and the right to express ourselves in whatever way we see fit.

Each June, the month of Stonewall, we stand together to embrace our sexuality, bodies, personalities, art, music, literature and politics, while recapturing pride from corporate sponsorship. We strive for a pride that refuses to put rules on what you can and can’t be proud of, that says every expression, from the spirit to the flesh, is worthy.

QueerBomb does not apologize. QueerBomb does not make excuses. QueerBomb is free for all. QueerBomb stands proud, and so should you.

MANIFESTO QUEERBOMB: QueerBomb es una familia de individuales LGBTQIA que se reúnen para apoyar nuestro orgullo único y colectivo. Nuestro propósito es proporcionar un espacio para celebrar cada miembro de nuestra comunidad y animar a todos a abrazar las formas múltiples de las cuales contribuimos a construir una sociedad bella y diversa. Reclamamos el linaje radical, carnal y transgresivo de nuestra comunidad siempre cambiante en nuestra lucha constante por la justicia y la igualdad de derecho a expresarnos de la manera que lo veamos conveniente.

Cada mes de junio, el mes de Stonewall, nos mantenemos unidos a abrazar nuestra sexualidad, cuerpos, personalidades, arte, música, literatura y política, mientras que recuperamos el orgullo de patrocinio corporativo. Nos esforzamos por un orgullo que se niega a poner las reglas que uno puede o no puede estar orgulloso, que dice que todas las expresiones, desde el espíritu a la carne, son dignas. QueerBomb no se disculpa.

QueerBomb no hace excusas. QueerBomb es gratuita para todos. QueerBomb está orgulloso, y usted también debería serlo.


FREE, no cover.


(Monday) 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM