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gAyTX Nights: COVID-19

We’ve curated a list of those whose livelihood has been directly affected by COVID-19 as well has crowdfunding campaigns that are helping the staff at affected businesses.



Between the cancellation of SXSW and the city closing Austin’s bars and restaurant dining rooms, the city’s entertainment community took a huge hit leaving many service industry workers and entertainers out of cash and out of work. Austin LGBTQ+ nightlife scene wasn’t spared. With Austin’s handful of queer bars shuttered until May 1 to help slow the spread of COVID-19, bartenders aren’t pouring, musicians aren’t performing, gogo dancers aren’t twerking, drag queens aren’t slaying and an entire web of workers and entertainers that depended on the nightlife scene are suddenly without work.

Meanwhile, we’re being asked to socially distance ourselves from our community to help flatten the curve for the coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped the community from finding creative with ways to connect virtually. Several drag performers and musicians have started streaming their performances on social media. This past Friday, the cast of Oilcan Harry’s Crave drag show hosted a virtual drag show to help raise money for a crowdfunding campaign for the staff at Oilcan’s who are out of work while the bar remains closed. Austin singer-songwriters Lisa Marshall and Gina Chavez both hosted virtual concerts this weekend.

Some of those affected had other sources of incomes to fall back on — day jobs, second jobs, side hustles — but unfortunately most weren’t so lucky. For those who are looking to help out directly, we’ve curated a list of those individuals within our community whose livelihood has been directly affected by COVID-19 as well has crowdfunding campaigns that are helping the staff at affected businesses.

If you’d like to be added to the list, email with your details, including: your name, where you work (or what you do if you’re a freelancer), CashApp username, PayPal email or PayPalMe URL, or Venmo username.

Updated March 24, 2020 00:45



GoFundMe Campaign for BT2 staff –

Asher Taylor$AsherTaylor92 @Asher-Taylor
David Balli
(DJ Kavika)
$ @djkavika
Justin Davis@Justin-Davis-379
Lloyd @Lloyd-Townsell
Miguel Rosa@Migzz_429
Vegas Van Cartier@VegasVanCartier

Cheer Up Charlie’s

GoFundMe Campaign for Cheer Up Charlie’s staff –

Andi Jackson @Ashley-jackson-448
Arturo (Artie)
Carly Beiler@Carly-beiler
Chaz Doriocourt @alfredobluff
Devin Perez @Devin_victoria
Erica Sipple@supplesipple
Justin Hampton@justinjamesh
Kate Holley @Kate-Holley
Kathee Lozano@kathee-lozano
Lais Carvalho
Lars Russell @beatvalley
Luis Escajeda@Luis-Escajeda
Max Beiler @maxbfly
Miranda (Randi) Welch@manda047
Quyen Nguyen@maihoqueen
Rachel Kirk@Rachel-Kirk-4
Trish Connelly@trconnelly

Coconut Club

Benji Patel@Benjamin-Patel
Brantley Robertson@Brantley-Robertson
Christina McMahon@breakfastfetish
Dan Dalton@dandalt
Joseph Aguirre@joseph-Aguirre-1
Sara Mues@sarahmues27
Stephen Peterson@sfrisco
Vertarias Hankins@TheLilacTrapHouse

Highland Lounge

GoFundMe Campaign for Highland staff –

Chris Skinner@chrisskinneratx
Diamond Dior$diamonddioratx
James Boucher@James-Boucher-4
Josh Clephas@Josh-Clephas
Lady @ladygrackle

The Iron Bear

The Iron Bear is unique among Austin’s gay bars in that since it moved to it’s new location recently, it now has a kitchen and was serving a full menu of food items. The kitchen is open from 12 NOON – 8 PM serving their full menu for TAKE OUT orders only. Check out their menu at then call in your order to 512-482-8993.

GoFundMe Campaign for The Iron Bear staff –

Al Rivera@Al-Rivera-18
Alphonso Compian
(DJ Alpha)
Bruce Barfield@Bruce-Barfield-3
Charlie Ramirez@xbrown-boy-bluesx
Humberto (Mac) Zavala@Attack29
Jason Grodzinski@Jason-Grod
Joshua Amos@Joshua-Amos-13
Kyle Kline@Kyle-Kline
Lexi Cubley@Lexi-cubley
Michael Delariva$mikkah09
Mike Horton@mike-horton-6
Robert Nicholson@RobYaBlind
Saul Trevino@saul-trevino
Steven Williams@littlestmusclecub

Oilcan Harry’s

GoFundMe Campaign for Oilcan Harry’s staff –

Ariz Lagunas
Daniel Valadéz Márquez@Daniel-Valadez-4
Edgar Gierbolini@Edgar-gierbolini
Eric Contreras
(DJ Eriq Stylez)
Jesse Ojeda@Jesse-Ojeda-6
Joey Mojica@Joey-Mojica-1
Texas Dela Rosa@Texas-Rosa

Rain on 4th

GoFundMe Campaign for Rain on 4th staff –

Andrea Hinojosa $dreahinojosa8
Ariz Lagunas
Bobby Cook@Bobby-Cook-5
David Doria $xDoria
Gabe Welch@gabeATXwelch
Justin Cantrell@Justin-Cantrell-2
Mark Mitchell@Mark-mitchell-35
Robert Bloom@Robert-Bloom-10
Sebastian Andrews@SebastianAndrewsxxx
Tony Nguyen@ToneBalone69

Sellers Underground

GoFundMe Campaign for Seller Underground staff –

Adam Stone@Adam-Stone-77
Angel Serrata@Angel-Serrata
Diamond Dior$diamonddioratx@Diamonddioratx
Nadine Hughes$
Nick Jones@Nicholasejones
Tony Castro$
Wayne Fowkspaypal.Me/Waynefowks@Wayne-Fowks


Amber Nicole Davenport$amberndavenport @AmberDavenport1
Chique Fil-Atio@EatMoreChique
Colleen Deforrest@Colleen-DeForrest
DeeGee Reynolds @DeeGee_Reynolds
Diamond Dior $diamonddioratx@Diamonddioratx
Hermajestie @hermajestie
Jack Rabid@sockmonkey613
Kendall Aguinaga $KendallATX @kendall_ATX
Lady @ladygrackle
Louisianna Purchase$‬ @louisiannapurchase
Marley Bell$marleybell3 @marley_bell3
Nadine Hughes$browsoftexas @melody-cass
Papi Churro@papichurroatx
Rhonda Jewels@rhondajewels
Ruby Knight@rvbyknight
Simone Riviera@Simone-Riviera
Targét$TargetQueen69 @TargetQueen69
Vegas Van Cartier@VegasVanCartier


Alphonso Compian
(DJ Alpha)
Ariz Lagunas
David Balli
(DJ Kavika)
$ @djkavika
Eric Contreras
(DJ Eriq Stylez) @eric-contreras-24
Jon Garcia
Tony Castro $TonyCATX @Tony-Castro-3


Adam Carmichael$adamlessordinary


Danny Hernandez $dannydapper @DannyDapper
David Tarafa@bethcomics
Ernest Campos@ernestodemayo
Kendall Aguinaga $KendallATX @kendall_ATX


The COVID-19 pandemic in Austin has also been a major blow to us here at therepubliq. While we have managed to navigate many of the storms that local LGBTQ+ media has weathered in the past, this is unprecedented.

90% of our revenue — advertising, event promotions, sponsorships, and income from our own events — is directly tied to people getting together in groups. The current situation has virtually eliminated this income and with the current models, could last for months. For a small independent publication, like therepubliq, this can be devastating. At a time when our community needs the be kept up-to-date on what’s going on, now more than ever, we’re asking for your help to support continued coverage of everything happening in LGBTQ+ Austin. You can make one-time contribution at or making a recurring donation by becoming a patron at

Thank you! We can’t say enough how much we appreciate your support.

Patreon Campaign for therepubliq –

Chase Martin$

If you’d like to be added to the list, email with your details, including: your name, where you work (or what you do if you’re a freelancer), CashApp username, PayPal email or PayPalMe URL, or Venmo username.


Chase is the founder and Creative Director of, former host and Executive Producer of OutCast Austin, an award-winning LGBT weekly radio program on KOOP 91.7 FM in Austin. In 2011, he was named the Critics Pick for 'Most Gaybiquitous' in the Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin. In 2012, CultureMap Austin named him one of Austin's Top LGBT bloggers and he received the AGLCC's Chamber Award for Social Media Diva.

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