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TWINKIDS share the second single off their forthcoming ‘Lizard House’ EP.  



LA queer pop duo TWINKIDS share their second release of 2019 called “I Luv You.” With memorable, sweeping melodies, full-bodied soundscapes, and echoing percussion patterns, it explores the conflicting and complicated feelings that follow a breakup.

“‘I Luv You’ is about the time I saw someone I used to love with someone else,” says Gene Fukui about the inspiration for the track. “Maybe I still loved him, I don’t know. After that break up, I had found myself not knowing exactly how to fill my time because so much of my time had been spent with my partner. To fill that void, I rushed into friendships with people who felt too cool and weren’t quite right for me. But at least I felt like I was moving on. And then I saw my ex with someone, and it all came crashing down. In that moment I yearned for him so desperately.”

“I Luv You” is the second single off TWINKIDS’ forthcoming ‘Lizard House‘ EP, due November 22, 2019. It follows “Eighteen,” a mid-tempo synth-dance-pop tune that nods to the 80’s as it shimmers, soars, and pulls at the heartstrings, culminating in a triumphant coda with wild, detuned synths and imploring vocals.

2018 was an eventful year for the duo. They went on a 15-date North American tour with Matt & Kim and released the singles “Jigoku Tengoku,” a twisting, syncopated pop electronica number that translates to “heaven or hell” in Japanese, and “I’m Sorry,” which arrived with a vibrant video that featured the work of 3D/e-makeup artist Ines Alpha.

TWINKIDS is Tokyo-born Gene Fukui and Floridian Matt Young, two songwriters and producers whose unabashed lyrics tackle the anxieties of being young and queer. Gene and Matt first met while studying at Oberlin College. Their first two releases, “Dreamer” and “ACBTY,” showcased their clever blend of soulful vocal acrobatics, unexpected harmonies, and sparse percussion, taking inspiration from 70’s and 80’s J-Pop. The singles captured the attention of San Francisco-based label Om Records, with whom they released their 2017 EP “Boys Love” including the single “Overdressed,” which has accumulated over 5 million Spotify streams and counting.

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