Sophiya: “Kween Energy” (feat. Jess B)

Australian gender fluid rapper Sophiya unleashes new queer anthem featuring New Zealander rapper and former pro netballer JessB.



Naarm/Melbourne-based, gender fluid rapper Sophiya, shares new single, “Kween Energy”, featuring New Zealand’s finest JessB, and produced by JUJO. The unapologetic queer anthem encompasses the duality of the divine feminine and masculine, an all-inclusive ode that radiates fearless energy. Spelt with intension, “Kween” has become a popularized word within the LGBTQI+ community, representing femme identifying people, combining the King and Queen.

On the creation and influences behind the track, Sophiya expands, ‘I was obsessed with Lil Kim – La Bella Mafia at the time. After listening to so much Lil Kim, I only naturally wanted to embody this powerful, fearless energy, just like the Queen B herself. I was inspired to create my own archetype, ‘KWEEN’ and thus ‘KWEEN ENERGY’ was born.

Sophiya (left) and Jess B (right). (Chloe Hall)

The song is in your face Hip-Hop and stands for women/femme identifying people who can be bosses in their professional life and confident in their sexuality and personal life.

It has a boom bap/head knocking beat and a fearless energy that really gets under your skin. The beat starts off with menacing keys and heavy drums and it is almost expected that the beat will continue with a strong male vocalist. As soon as it comes in with a femme vocalist, the energy flips and the listener is instantly hooked and intrigued.

On the experience of collaborating with JessB, Sophiya adds; ‘It was important for this song to have two femme identifying Hip-Hop artists to show power and union, but also to keep the fierce, feminine energy and powerful message alive. I have been a big fan of JessB’s for a couple of years now. I have been inspired by her music and moves in the industry and got my first speeding fine when I heard her feature on the song for the first time.’

JessB is no stranger to delivering on high energy tracks, on the collaboration she adds; ‘Was dope to work with Sophiya on this track. As soon as I heard the demo, the energy both in the beat and delivery was infectious & I knew it was going to be a lot of fun to be a part of’.

On the incredible creation of the artwork, Sophiya explains; ‘My mum hand painted the artwork which took her well over 6 months to create (she is still adding to it as we speak). The style is religious, Byzantine art – (Greek Orthodox). The canvas stands almost 2 meters tall and not for sale. She intended on it being a family heirloom. I want to have a gallery in my house showcasing her art as her legacy.’


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