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Madame Gandhi: VISIONS

Artist/activist Madame Gandhi kicks off a new year and decade with her new single “See Me Thru,” from her widely embraced Visions short form album trilogy.



Electronic musician, drummer, and activist Madame Gandhi is back with Visions, the second installment for her ongoing project that elevates and celebrates the female voice. Visions is a politically super-charged anthemic body of musical work that explores fourth wave feminism and redefines elements of modern femininity today. A world-renowned percussionist and outspoken advocate for gender liberation, Madame Gandhi uses her short form album to pair soundbites of her talks around the world with driving drum solos, joyful percussion and uplifting melodies. Recorded and produced in studios all over the U.S. and U.K., Visions features womxn musicians and engineers including Piper Payne who mastered the short form album.

Visions is a powerful statement from one of today’s most dynamic performers about looking inward to act outward and better serve humanity. Growing from a drummer to a front woman and spokesperson, Gandhi has become an inspirational voice that’s being championed by the music and tech industries as well as community groups and activists worldwide. Visions, a global resistance album, captures this growth with vigor and finesse. In keeping with Gandhi’s ethos, Visions interprets life through a feminist lens. Via this perspective, Gandhi imagines a world in which people are linked rather than ranked, where collaboration replaces competition and the feminine energy in everyone is exalted. To that end, Visions incorporates samples from Gandhi’s speeches into her lyrics, setting her ideology to a vibrant beat, creating a transformative experience in the process. “In the same way people will listen to a podcast, I want them to listen to a Madame Gandhi record because you will learn something, you’ll get uplifted, you’ll get inspired, you will feel validated,” Gandhi explains.

Gandhi expands on her signature yellow color scheme into a gradient of sunset colors to symbolize the theme of the album on the cover. Her name, “Kiran”, means “ray of sunlight,” and her message is about expanding into new horizons of feminine leadership by including with love, positivity and light. Her Fall Merch drop will include collaborations with several female and queer owned clothing brands from around the world, and will play on the concept of “the future is female” and 2020 Vision. Gearing up for the U.S. Presidential Election, Gandhi’s elegantly colorful and uplifting merchandise will serve as a personal call to action for the fans to do their part in the 2020 Elections. Hindsight is 2020, but the Visions 2020 merch line invites a more forward thinking symbolic approach. 5% of proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.

At its core, Visions is an elegantly intellectual record featuring five compelling songs: the eco-feminist call to action, “Waiting for Me”; the motivational banger, “Top Knot Turn Up”; the smooth R&B love song, “See Me Thru”; the rollicking declaration of self, “Young Indian”; and the funky self-improvement anthem, “Bad Habits.”

Gandhi also includes two bonus recordings of politically driven tracks performed live only, as well as audio bites from two speeches she delivered during shows from her tour.

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