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Madame Gandhi: “See Me Thru”

Artist/activist Madame Gandhi kicks off a new year and decade with her new single “See Me Thru,” from her widely embraced Visions short form album trilogy.



Artist/activist Madame Gandhi kicks off a new year and decade with her new single “See Me Thru,” from her widely embraced Visions short form album trilogy. The vibey, downtempo RnB song celebrates the idea of consistency in a world that is overwhelmed by distraction. Directed by and co-starring real-life married couple Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine, the video for “See Me Thru” showcases the nuances of two women in love and brings to life the song’s message about sticking with a relationship and seeing it through to reap the benefits of commitment. In keeping with Madame Gandhi’s dedication to amplifying the voices of womxn, folks of color, and the queer community, the video was created by a female-led crew and features fashion by style partner Perfect Number, a Los Angeles-based femme brand whose tagline is “redifining femininity,” which is one of the underlining themes of “See Me Thru.”

In the song, Gandhi describes the various ways in which she is committing to a deeper love. “I said come and live with me, I get so inspired by you,” she sings over a chill downtempo groove with her drums to the front. “Come share your complexity, and come and see me through,” she implores. Gandhi explains,“‘See Me Thru’ is about seeing a relationship through. We are in a generation where we are bombarded with choice and with new ideas at an unprecedented rate! As a result, we move through ideas, jobs and people so quickly. This song is about valuing consistency – about seeing consistency as today’s new social currency. If the last decade was about spontaneity, I believe this decade will be about following up and doing what we say we’ll do.” Speaking on the holistic aspects of the song, Gandhi adds, “I wanted to write a song that celebrated lovers who are brave enough to go deep with their significant other, knowing the blissfulness that might be awaiting them on the other side.”

Reflecting this sentiment, the video shows a female couple tenderly exploring each other through touch intercut with shots of Madame Gandhi playing the drums and dancing. Regarding the music video specifically, Gandhi states that real-life married couple Dejha and Ania were the perfect team for this project. “I wanted to depict a sincere and deep love, and provide an alternative portrayal of queer femme love that is often shown in a vulgar or oversexualized way. I wanted to celebrate the nuances of touch, the moment where you lock eyes with someone and realize you’re in love with them, the push and pull that often emcompasses the phases of a relationship. We intentionally decided to exclude nudity and kissing from the video, so as to avoid the pornographic context in which nude female bodies often exist.”

Part of Gandhi’s exploration of femininity includes partnering with fashion brand Perfect Number whose stated aim is to reexamine and subvert traditional gender roles and feminine dress codes. In the video, Madame Gandhi, Dejha, and Ania are all seen wearing Perfect Number pieces, reinforcing the theme of redefining femininity.

In addition to releasing “See Me Thru,” Madame Gandhi is currently touring with morning dance party Daybreaker as the drummer for Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision Tour. Gandhi is also a voting member of the Recording Academy and will be DJing the Grammy Museum Brunch on the eve of the 2020 Grammys.

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