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Julie Nolen: “Songs of Dignity & Grit”



Less than a year after her first solo EP, Raise Hell, dropped, Austin singer-songwriter Julie Nolen has released her first full-length album, Songs of Dignity and Grit. “A lot of these songs are about trials and tribulations and getting through,” she explained and this album is the testament to her talent not just as a songwriter but as a storyteller, telling her stories about getting through as only Julie Nolen could.

If you’re lucky enough to have see her perform live, you’ll recognize many of the songs on the new album. Many of the songs from her debut EP Raise Hell were included on Songs of Dignity and Grit. “Raise Hell,” the title track from her first EP requires audience participation and is always a crowd favorite. While both “Texas” and “Hey Bartender” compete as personal favorites. Of the new material, I’m partial to “Piss and Vinegar” and “Dignity & Grit”.

In the interview with OutCast, Nolen explained the origins of the title of the album Songs of Dignity and Grit. “The title, Dignity and Grit, comes from a story about my grandmother. After she passed away, I found a book that she had been writing about herself, and her life. Basically, she talks about how at one point, when her husband had died, she had a farm to take care of and she kept telling herself ‘we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna make it, Margie, and we’re gonna do it with dignity and grit‘.”

I’ve followed Julie Nolen for years (seriously, years) and I’ve seen her grow as an artist; Songs of Dignity and Grit is Julie coming in to her own, finding her own voice and telling her own stories.

You can pick up your copy of Songs of Dignity and Grit online at:

If you want to pick up a physical copy of the CD or listen to her perform live … or both … Julie will also be hosting a CD release party later this month at The Saxon Pub. Fellow Austin singer-songwriter Patrice Pike will be performing ahead of Julie so go early and make a night of it. The Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar Blvd., Austin TX 78704. Thursday, January 28, 2016. 10 PM. 21+. $10 cover.

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