Jessy Jones: Sad Girl Disco Party

Jessy Jones releases “a queer celebration of confidence”



A queer celebration of being yourself while standing in the messiness of life, Jessy Jones unveils the new EP, Sad Girl Disco Party.

Sad Girl Disco Party is the embodiment of being young and feeling lost while also feeling completely liberated. It’s the passion and the inner voice that is telling you to push through – to show up as yourself but don’t be afraid to be messy. The only way out of it is through it,” Jessy Jones, whose real name is Jessica Vaughn, declares. “It’s a celebration of being yourself and pushing through darkness, pain, and of course dancing and celebrating all that you are until you get where you need to be.”

The EP explores themes of confidence, mental illness, and even the tumultuous political climate of recent times, while showcasing danceable grooves and a more playful side of Vaughn than many of her projects reveal.

Opener “Be Yourself” is an anthem of authenticity. “This song is encouragement to love yourself as you are even if you’re a little left of center. The party is always better when we can be ourselves,” Vaughn says. “Be who you are and love how and who you love.”

“It’s a Revolution” touches on the rise of hate crimes that occurred in 2020 and early 2021. “It was starting to feel like you needed to ask permission to be different or stand up for your rights. This was me standing in my power letting the world know that we’re just going to get more obnoxious in our pursuit for equality, inclusion, diversity, and equity. The times are changing and you can either join us or join the dinosaurs.”

The most personal song on Sad Girl Disco Party, “Crying on the Dance Floor,” serves as an expression of strength. “I struggle with anxiety and mild depression and this track reminds me that all the answers I seek are within me. It’s so easy to tell friends ‘we are fine’ even though we are clearly not,” reveals Vaughn. “Sometimes the best remedy is to dance through the bullshit you’ve been selling yourself. Nothing feels more cathartic than moving your body and letting it all go.”

Vaughn originally made her debut under the moniker Charlotte Sometimes, with a cashmere voice and darkly compelling writing style, and has since reinvented herself as a multifaceted, multi-monikered music industry force to be reckoned with. Her past includes a stint on Geffen Records, a spot on The Voice, and more, and she has since become the VP of Sync & Creative at the boutique music publisher, Heavy Hitters Music, started her own record label, Head Bitch Music, and continues to write gems for other artists as well as putting out original music under various projects.

Most recently, Butch Walker appeared on “Almost Happy” (by LACES), and RVRSIDE, a collaboration with Colin creeV of Third Eye Blind and Curtis Peoples, released the homage to the 90s, Bullet with Butterfly Clips. As JPOLND, Vaughn scored her highest streaming numbers to date when “The End” went viral after being featured on the Netflix Series, Bridgerton. The track has been streamed nearly five million times thus far.

As Jessy Jones, Vaughn embraces confidence and independence, while pushing through darkness and honoring one’s inner voice. “Why run away from yourself when you can dance it out?”


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