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DOV: “Save” ft. TESHA



Photo credit: Charley Ezra

Brooklyn-based, Tel Aviv-born queer pop artist DOV shares his debut “Save.” The song comes from his forthcoming Be Your Lover EP (due early 2019) and features fellow Israeli vocalist TESHA, who’s been featured by NYLON and Wonderland in the past. Fluctuant percussion punctuates layers of elegantly scraping guitar, ghostly reverb, and ominous detuned synth melodies beneath TESHA’s sweetly sinister vocal.

DOV says of the track, “‘Save’ is a cry for help – it’s a cry for people to COME OUT! We (TESHA and DOV) wrote the song together and both identify as clear queers, our concept and identity centering around coming out. “Save” is about being gay, being queer – it’s a spiritual movement about releasing yourself from your past, the house that you grew up in, and from society’s never-ending demands and constraining definition of sexual orientation.”

DOV is the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Dov Eagle. He moved to NYC from Tel Aviv after serving in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) until age 21. The son of a left-wing political activist, he migrated from Israel and its conflicted ideals as they didn’t fit life that he wanted to lead as a queer liberal musician and artist.​​​​​​​

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