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Dimitrius Adams, Being Creative & Queer



Recently I got to catch up with blossoming queer artist, Dimitrius Adams, and ask him some questions about creating, sex, and his life.  He arrived in Austin seven years ago, and made a choice to pursue music as a career.  Dimitrius began working with Dance Austin Studio where he trained himself as a dancer and an entrepreneur.  He went to MediaTech Institute to study recording arts as he continued to write, sing, and use his ventures to further his career.  With a Soundcloud full of covers, his next step was to introduce original music which he did, in his debut performance at The North Door titled “Tuesday Heat.” Sexually driven lyrics and costumes show that Dimititrius isn’t hiding behind anything and wears his sexuality on his sleeve which, according to him, is next to his heart.  Now, as a birthday gift to his supporters, he’s releasing the live audio from a cover of CL’s version of Nicki Minaj’s song, “Did It On Em,” the second verse of which, he wrote himself.

What is it like to be a queer artist?

I imagine it’s like any other artist.  No path is easy.  I only recently admitted to myself that I was an artist after I lasted in a 9-5 job for 3 days.  What I do comes naturally to me and I’ve never wanted to do anything else, so I think that it’s amazing to be a queer artist.  It’s a great time, too with queer visibility expanding.

What does being queer mean to you?

Being queer to me means being you. I’ve always felt different. Growing up I knew I wasn’t like most but I hid it. I tried to fit in as best I could because I hated myself for so long. When I finally came out, I realized how liberating it was to just be me, to be authentic, to be genuine and to do what comes naturally. Everyone is different and that’s what should be celebrated, not judged.  To be queer is simple, be you.

What influences your creative process?

Everything.  I’m fueled by emotion and I’m constantly observing everything around me, more specifically, people and relationships.  When I’M moved so hard by something that’s occurring, I do my best to capture that moment and channel it into something creative.

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How have creative outlets impacted your life?

It’s all I’ve ever had.  Growing up queer in a catholic household wasn’t easy.  I dealt with a lot of things by creating.  Usually singing and dancing.  I had to find a way to express what I was feeling in a way that other people wouldn’t necessarily understand so I could keep the queer part of me sacred.

You noted that you wrote part of “Did It On Em” while in a dark time in a relationship, what was that like and how does it come through in the music?

It was liberating.  I had a huge argument with the guy I was seeing one night.  I was being manipulated, and I felt used.  The next morning I had a studio session.  We were working on another track for the show Tuesday Heat but when I walked into the session I said, “No, we’re doing Did It On Em”.  I wrote the verse in minutes.  I had never been so angry and defensive in a relationship before and I was protecting my ego by assuring myself that I was a badass.  When I write music, my intent is to make you feel something, ideally, the feeling that moved me to write it whether it be anger, longing, happy, or like a badass.

How has artistic expression helped you mange life’s ups and downs?

To be honest, my life doesn’t normally have downs.  I like to stay very positive and look on the bright side.  What I’ve learned recently is that downs are ok and natural.  This song (Did It On Em) saved me.  The relationship I had with this guy was very destructive, and I was personally, in a very dark place in my life.  I lost almost everything I had, literally.  When I wrote this song and recorded it (along with a few others for the show), I knew it was time to move forward.  It helped me admit to myself that I was depressed and something needed to change.

What is the best sex advice you’ve ever gotten?

Be honest

Dimitrius Adams / photo credit: Edgar Patino

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How does creativity show up in your sex life?

Exploration.  My creativity makes me curious and I like to try everything from leather, bondage, wrestling, tantric work, and many other things.  I’m definitely emotionally driven and I like to live with intension.  If I have sex, it’s not just about getting off. I want to have an experience.  I want to make you feel something, just like with my music.

If you weren’t pursuing your creative outlets, what might you be doing instead?

For me, there isn’t anything else.  Even the most mundane tasks like my workout regimen is built to further my career and creative outlets.  I’m lucky that the things I enjoy are all intertwined and somehow connect to entertainment and art.  I love to dance, sing, write, weight lift, listen to music, design and style new looks, I’m starting to dip into photography, I like to edit videos and mix music too.

How can people find you and your work?

Currently the best place to find me is on Soundcloud and Instagram.  I’ll have a website up by January and I’ll post it on both sites.

What do you hope folks take away from your work?

I want them to feel something, and I want people to understand how powerful they are.  I made a decision to do this after years of working in other fields because I didn’t think it was realistic.  I would literally go to bed EVERY night and wonder “what if I had just TRIED to be a recording artist?”  I woke up one morning and made the choice that from that day on, I would pursue a career in music.  I surrounded myself with like minds and people that push me and support my vision, and now I have no intention of stopping.  Everyone has the power to do what they love.  Most are just afraid to.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on an album!  I have a lot written and I’ll be in the studio soon to record it all.  In the meantime, I have little side projects that will be popping up in the next couple months, including a concept dance video, and a couple photo series that express recent happenings in my life.  I’ll definitely be performing during SXSW this year (dates tba).  This song is just a very small taste of what’s coming in 2016.

So, check out Dimitrius’ work and continue to express yourselves, you beautiful beasts!

Check out these social media links for more information about Dimitrius Adams:

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Tom Goss: “La Bufadora”

Contemporary pop artist Tom Goss releases eye-opening video “La Bufadora” featuring “Mean Girls” Actor Daniel Franzese to bring awareness about LGBTQ domestic violence in recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.



Singer-songwriter Tom Goss has released an enlightening new music video for his single, “La Bufadora.” It tells the story of an abusive relationship, highlighting the reality of domestic violence within the LGBTQ community. “La Bufadora” is now available to download and stream across all digital media platforms worldwide. Proceeds from the song and video will be donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“La Bufadora” was inspired by the patterns of calm and emotional turmoil in Goss’ relationship with his husband. “I’ve spent the majority of my career talking about the most beautiful aspects of my love and marriage. I wrote ‘La Bufadora’ after a very sad trip to Mexico, which included a lot of fighting, crying, breaking, and healing,” Goss explains. “I wanted to speak to our longing and our efforts to stay connected and move forward, regardless of the imperfections.”

Co-written and produced by Ian Carmichael, “La Bufadora” represents the way that Goss fights for his marriage through tough times. “As the uplifting bridge rises from the heaviness of the chorus, I sing about how we can choose to create the world we live in… The truth is, we have the power to turn all of our sadness into positivity. It’s not easy, and we aren’t required to do it, but it is beautiful when it happens.”

For the video, Goss decided to fictionalize and exaggerate the theme of conflict in order to highlight the issue of domestic abuse in LGBTQ community–just in time for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. Statistics show that within the LGBTQ community, intimate partner violence occurs at a rate equal to or even higher than that of the heterosexual community.

Filmed in an abandoned condo development in Baja California, and at La Bufadora itself (an ocean blowhole just south of Ensenada), the video stars Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls) and was directed by Michael Serrato. Goss also produced a Spanish-language version of the song and video since it is set in Mexico.

Goss was raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He went to college in Missouri on a wrestling scholarship and planned to be a schoolteacher until making a surprise decision to become a Catholic priest. Frustrated by a series of #MeToo experiences in the seminary, Goss began to discover his voice in songwriting and performing. His songs have been heard on ABC, HBO, and Univision, and his inventive music videos have been viewed more than 12 million times.

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MIKA: “Tiny Love”

Global pop superstar MIKA debuts new single, “Tiny Love” ahead of his first new studio album in five years MY NAME IS MICHAEL HOLBROOK.



Critically acclaimed, platinum-selling, global pop star MIKA debuts a new single “Tiny Love”, alongside a W.I.Z.-directed video. The track is the second single from MIKA’s highly anticipated new album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, out October 4.

Of the track, MIKA says, “The most important thing in the world is the love we have for those around us, the love others offer us and the love we have for ourselves. That love can feel so massive and yet at the same time it’s so tiny and imperceivable to others. This song is a conscious decision to provoke that emotion. I knew I needed a different sort of director for this video, more art and film based. W.I.Z. was the perfect choice. From every detail in pre-production, to the art direction and casting, he has one thing in mind; to illustrate a complex narrative that he has written in his head. I am very proud of what he has made. An emotionally epic video for a song full of heart and love. Huge and Tiny at the same time.”

In celebration of the release, MIKA will make a long-awaited return to North America with the Tiny Love Tiny Tour this fall. The headline run kicks off with a show at New York City’s Brooklyn Steel on September 12. He then heads to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Montreal, before jetting overseas for a massive European arena tour. Tickets are on sale now.

MIKA recently debuted the first single “Ice Cream” from the new album, which Rolling Stone dubbed “Summer-Anthem Bait” and TIME calls “a sugar-sweet, carefree and upbeat summer bop.” The track has been streamed 1.5 million times to date and continues to receive rave reviews.

For his first full length in five years, MIKA explores his American heritage on My Name Is Michael Holbrook. While his tumultuous childhood began in Lebanon before fleeing to Paris and then London, he focuses the album on the roots he traces back to his father’s Savannah, Georgia upbringing. The work also paints a loving picture of his relationship with his mother, the woman who trained him, made his wardrobe for years on the road and most importantly taught him never to follow and always to express himself fearlessly. After writing in home studios in Miami and Tuscany over the course of two years, MIKA went to Brussels to record with producers Marc Crew and Dan Priddy.

“I hadn’t put out a record in four years. I didn’t know what to do when it came time to start the process and was honestly kind of at a loss,” MIKA says. “I felt a little disappointed by the commercial side of the industry. I didn’t want to make a record by numbers or by committee. I wanted to make an uncontaminated, homemade pop record.”

Born Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. in 1983 as the third of five children, MIKA started vocal lessons at seven years old. Learning to play piano and write songs while showing otherworldly vocal range, MIKA quickly became a young virtuoso. MIKA’s musical success began with the release of his hit single, “Grace Kelly.” The single was featured on his debut album, Life In Cartoon Motion, which went straight to #1 in the UK and 11 other countries, going on to sell over seven million copies worldwide. Since his debut he has released three other Platinum selling full length albums, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, The Origin of Love, and No Place In Heaven. In addition, MIKA has not only won a Brit Award for British Breakthrough Act, but he has also been nominated for Grammys, MTV Europe Music Awards, Capital Radio Awards and World Music Awards. Additionally, his RA12 primetime variety show “Stasera Casa Mika” won the prestigious Rose D’or Award for Best Entertainment Series in 2017. Furthermore, he has been a judge on France’s The Voice for six years and hosts his own BBC2 Radio show “The Art of Song.”

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BAUM: “Bad Kid”

Get up close and vulnerable with queer alt-pop singer BAUM’s “Bad Kid”



Alt-pop songstress BAUM (née Sabrina Teitelbaum) returned this past May with her zero-fucks-given-I’m-gonna-love-me-over-your-bullshit anthem, “Fuckboy.” Lauded by Billboard, Vulture, The Line of Best Fit, PRIDE, and more, the track exemplified a candid portrayal of a woman coming-of-age while comprehending her own irresistible impulses. “Fuckboy” served as the first release since 2018 debut EP Ungodly and it expanded Teitelbaum’s ruminative songwriting that continues to inspire self-confidence.

Today, sonic shape-shifter BAUM shares her most delicate effort with “Bad Kid.” With the hardest of hearts, BAUM endures the ache of losing someone close and invites listeners into a very intimate space. On the unflinching verse, “I didn’t care when you still were around / Why did it take ’til you’re six in the ground? / To say that I’m sorry for the things that went down,” the explosiveness of guilt, grief, and despair permeate through the walls BAUM had put up.

BAUM reveals this meaning behind “Bad Kid”:

“This is the most special song to me and the most vulnerable one that I’ve written. It’s about losing someone and wishing you could go back and fix everything that happened, just put your relationship in a pretty box.”

The release of “Bad Kid” is accompanied by a music video directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, who’s worked on creating videos for Snoop Dogg, JOYRICH, Capitol Records, Yellow Claw, Happy Socks, Nike and previously directed BAUM’s “Fuckboy” music video. Filmed in the frigid temperatures of Iceland, the “Bad Kid” music video shows BAUM isolated in a vast and unforgiving landscape. The icy, off-putting climate is a metaphor for BAUM’s frozen sentiments. “The focus was on wide shots, making Sabrina look as alone as possible against the beautiful but unforgiving Icelandic tundra,” says Cytrynowicz.

“Earlier this year, I decided to take a trip to Iceland with four other people and while there, we shot the music video. Marcella and I had a few different concepts for the story, but the most important thing for us was to capture the solitude and physical journey. We wanted to display our idea in a beautiful yet slightly dangerous place. ‘Bad Kid’ is about grieving, and regardless of how many people you have around you, you feel completely alone when you’re going through that,” says BAUM.

Hailing from a family of five siblings, BAUM strives to set an example for her two sisters through her music and lyrics, aiming to encapsulate her experiences as a young woman in the most honest way possible.

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