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Dimitrius Adams, Being Creative & Queer



Recently I got to catch up with blossoming queer artist, Dimitrius Adams, and ask him some questions about creating, sex, and his life.  He arrived in Austin seven years ago, and made a choice to pursue music as a career.  Dimitrius began working with Dance Austin Studio where he trained himself as a dancer and an entrepreneur.  He went to MediaTech Institute to study recording arts as he continued to write, sing, and use his ventures to further his career.  With a Soundcloud full of covers, his next step was to introduce original music which he did, in his debut performance at The North Door titled “Tuesday Heat.” Sexually driven lyrics and costumes show that Dimititrius isn’t hiding behind anything and wears his sexuality on his sleeve which, according to him, is next to his heart.  Now, as a birthday gift to his supporters, he’s releasing the live audio from a cover of CL’s version of Nicki Minaj’s song, “Did It On Em,” the second verse of which, he wrote himself.

What is it like to be a queer artist?

I imagine it’s like any other artist.  No path is easy.  I only recently admitted to myself that I was an artist after I lasted in a 9-5 job for 3 days.  What I do comes naturally to me and I’ve never wanted to do anything else, so I think that it’s amazing to be a queer artist.  It’s a great time, too with queer visibility expanding.

What does being queer mean to you?

Being queer to me means being you. I’ve always felt different. Growing up I knew I wasn’t like most but I hid it. I tried to fit in as best I could because I hated myself for so long. When I finally came out, I realized how liberating it was to just be me, to be authentic, to be genuine and to do what comes naturally. Everyone is different and that’s what should be celebrated, not judged.  To be queer is simple, be you.

What influences your creative process?

Everything.  I’m fueled by emotion and I’m constantly observing everything around me, more specifically, people and relationships.  When I’M moved so hard by something that’s occurring, I do my best to capture that moment and channel it into something creative.

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How have creative outlets impacted your life?

It’s all I’ve ever had.  Growing up queer in a catholic household wasn’t easy.  I dealt with a lot of things by creating.  Usually singing and dancing.  I had to find a way to express what I was feeling in a way that other people wouldn’t necessarily understand so I could keep the queer part of me sacred.

You noted that you wrote part of “Did It On Em” while in a dark time in a relationship, what was that like and how does it come through in the music?

It was liberating.  I had a huge argument with the guy I was seeing one night.  I was being manipulated, and I felt used.  The next morning I had a studio session.  We were working on another track for the show Tuesday Heat but when I walked into the session I said, “No, we’re doing Did It On Em”.  I wrote the verse in minutes.  I had never been so angry and defensive in a relationship before and I was protecting my ego by assuring myself that I was a badass.  When I write music, my intent is to make you feel something, ideally, the feeling that moved me to write it whether it be anger, longing, happy, or like a badass.

How has artistic expression helped you mange life’s ups and downs?

To be honest, my life doesn’t normally have downs.  I like to stay very positive and look on the bright side.  What I’ve learned recently is that downs are ok and natural.  This song (Did It On Em) saved me.  The relationship I had with this guy was very destructive, and I was personally, in a very dark place in my life.  I lost almost everything I had, literally.  When I wrote this song and recorded it (along with a few others for the show), I knew it was time to move forward.  It helped me admit to myself that I was depressed and something needed to change.

What is the best sex advice you’ve ever gotten?

Be honest

Dimitrius Adams / photo credit: Edgar Patino

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How does creativity show up in your sex life?

Exploration.  My creativity makes me curious and I like to try everything from leather, bondage, wrestling, tantric work, and many other things.  I’m definitely emotionally driven and I like to live with intension.  If I have sex, it’s not just about getting off. I want to have an experience.  I want to make you feel something, just like with my music.

If you weren’t pursuing your creative outlets, what might you be doing instead?

For me, there isn’t anything else.  Even the most mundane tasks like my workout regimen is built to further my career and creative outlets.  I’m lucky that the things I enjoy are all intertwined and somehow connect to entertainment and art.  I love to dance, sing, write, weight lift, listen to music, design and style new looks, I’m starting to dip into photography, I like to edit videos and mix music too.

How can people find you and your work?

Currently the best place to find me is on Soundcloud and Instagram.  I’ll have a website up by January and I’ll post it on both sites.

What do you hope folks take away from your work?

I want them to feel something, and I want people to understand how powerful they are.  I made a decision to do this after years of working in other fields because I didn’t think it was realistic.  I would literally go to bed EVERY night and wonder “what if I had just TRIED to be a recording artist?”  I woke up one morning and made the choice that from that day on, I would pursue a career in music.  I surrounded myself with like minds and people that push me and support my vision, and now I have no intention of stopping.  Everyone has the power to do what they love.  Most are just afraid to.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on an album!  I have a lot written and I’ll be in the studio soon to record it all.  In the meantime, I have little side projects that will be popping up in the next couple months, including a concept dance video, and a couple photo series that express recent happenings in my life.  I’ll definitely be performing during SXSW this year (dates tba).  This song is just a very small taste of what’s coming in 2016.

So, check out Dimitrius’ work and continue to express yourselves, you beautiful beasts!

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