Cody Frost: “DWYSSWM”



Cody Frost ignites a big year ahead of her by sharing the explosive new single “DWYSSWM” together with its official video, directed by Emma Gilbertson. “DWYSSWM”, which stands for “Don’t Worry Your Secret’s Safe with Me,” finds Cody pushing the three key elements of her sound – hyper pop maximalism, angsty aggression and her exemplary vocal talent – to their absolute limit. Opening with her brightest and most pop-focused sound so far, it suddenly erupts into a visceral electro-punk attack. It’s a song which sees Cody (an Enter Shikari obsessive) and her co-producer/co-writer Dan Weller (co-founder of cult Brit metal experimentalists SiKtH) reconnect with their rock roots. Both “DWYSSWM” and her previous single “Berlin”, which Teen Vogue said, “oozes vulnerability,” will feature on her upcoming second EP.

Speaking about her latest release, Cody reveals, “DWYSSWM is about taking back control of your body, this song was a form of therapy for me. I felt angry about the situations that myself and my peers have experienced with men. The title is about the secrets we share amongst each other because the topic is so taboo. I really enjoyed the process of making this song with Dan, we felt like we had gone back to our alternative roots, I needed it to be as heavy as it is, and it just felt so natural.”

‘DWYSSM’ and its predecessor, “Berlin” follow the release of Cody Frost’s debut EP It’s Not Real which put her on the map with her distinctive brand of angsty, aggressive dark pop, winning tastemaker attention, including support from the likes of PAPER Magazine, V Magazine, Refinery 29 and Pigeons & Planes.

With the release of her debut EP, It’s Not Real, Cody introduced herself to the world with cuts like “Stomachaches,” which Billboard hailed for its “catchy melody and evocative writing,” proclaiming it “where Frost’s dark pop shines brightest” and proving “that Cody Frost is a name that ought to be on your lips.” Other standouts include “Hige/Bye”, which Pigeons & Planes labelled as “the one that has us hooked,” describing it as a “jolt of electricity,” with Refinery 29 adding “the song’s deep lyrics read like a page out of a philosophy book.” During just four songs, Cody Frost proves her immense versatility by delivering electro-punk punch, unforgettable alt-pop hooks and sensitive balladeering. The eclectic sonics are unified by two things: Cody’s unguarded approach to vulnerable experiences, and a superlative vocal.

Originally from Burnley, Cody started busking in Manchester and sharing covers of songs from Frank Ocean, Nirvana and Slipknot on YouTube. Her career didn’t begin to take shape until she was diagnosed with ADHD, which meant she could finally manage the condition and find a new focus. Her creativity also extends into her work as an accomplished tattooist and artist – she recently had the opportunity to tattoo her own lyrics on a fan.

Her struggles with ADHD resurfaced during lockdown due to the amount of time she spent alone. She discovered that one of the best ways to maintain equilibrium was to let her creative projects emerge naturally. Forcing herself to sit down and write a song is futile, but she’ll drop everything the moment inspiration strikes. It’s a yin-and-yang balancing act. In some ways it sounds so simple: embrace music when she’s feeling energetic, focus on artwork when she’s feeling more introverted. She’s also an accomplished tattooist, which calls for a balance between both extremes of her personality.


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