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Christinna O: “Shine”



Christinna O isn’t one to sit still. Having released “Girl in Passing,” her acclaimed debut EP, just this past July, and only just beginning her Junior year at Temple, the 20 year old artist’s eyes are already on the future.

New single “Shine” dives into unknown waters for Christinna. Whereas “Girl in Passing” churned gently within the worlds of R&B and spoken word, “Shine” is a triumphant, bold rap. With a soaring hook and throbbing, insistent beat it skirts straight to the dance floor with its dominant rhythm. For an artist who cut her teeth via NAACP slam poetry competitions and her university’s poetry collective, the track displays just how far Christinna has come, her spoken word background taken to the heights of a newfound flow. Long at home in slowburn grooves, the song feels like Christinna letting her hair down: a victory lap and a celebration all at once.

“‘Shine’ is me sonically making a party for me and my people. This song is a place for me to bask and be overwhelmed by the divinity of Black people and how we are destined to shine. That’s word to the ancestors. Shine also speaks on my people always being my largest support system – my family and friends who I call my sisters, and my love – they are at the heart of everything I do. I will succeed because of them too.”


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january 2022