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Ben Hazlewood: “Lying”



Ben Hazlewood has released the music video for “Lying” off of his recently released debut album Bloodline. “Lying” embodies the intention behind Ben’s debut album perfectly, full of raw, unfiltered emotion.

“’Lying’ is about putting on a brave face while hiding the fight of an internal pain and the fear of being vulnerable. Sometimes it’s easier to be lost in a lie than to face a truth that could expose and unravel you” explains Hazlewood.

Ben previously released the music video for “Lay Me Down,” a huge pop anthem reminiscent of the soulful pop singer Barns Courtney.

Ben Hazlewood​ is the rare artist with a voice dynamic enough to captivate almost completely on its own. As an anthemic alt-pop artist, raised on artists like ​Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, ​and Janis Joplin​, his music channels an outrageous vocal strength and an emotive soul filled force. A force matched only by his magnetic stage presence and glam-rock-inspired fashion sensibilities.

Ben’s debut album Bloodline is the largest release yet from the former “The Voice Australia” finalist. Bloodline is the culmination of years of hard work. A journey that started in Papakōwhai, near Wellington in New Zealand, then ventured to London for three years, where Ben fronted a rock band, before relocating to Australia, where Ben now calls Melbourne home.



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january 2022