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BAUM: “Bad Kid”

Get up close and vulnerable with queer alt-pop singer BAUM’s “Bad Kid”



Alt-pop songstress BAUM (née Sabrina Teitelbaum) returned this past May with her zero-fucks-given-I’m-gonna-love-me-over-your-bullshit anthem, “Fuckboy.” Lauded by Billboard, Vulture, The Line of Best Fit, PRIDE, and more, the track exemplified a candid portrayal of a woman coming-of-age while comprehending her own irresistible impulses. “Fuckboy” served as the first release since 2018 debut EP Ungodly and it expanded Teitelbaum’s ruminative songwriting that continues to inspire self-confidence.

Today, sonic shape-shifter BAUM shares her most delicate effort with “Bad Kid.” With the hardest of hearts, BAUM endures the ache of losing someone close and invites listeners into a very intimate space. On the unflinching verse, “I didn’t care when you still were around / Why did it take ’til you’re six in the ground? / To say that I’m sorry for the things that went down,” the explosiveness of guilt, grief, and despair permeate through the walls BAUM had put up.

BAUM reveals this meaning behind “Bad Kid”:

“This is the most special song to me and the most vulnerable one that I’ve written. It’s about losing someone and wishing you could go back and fix everything that happened, just put your relationship in a pretty box.”

The release of “Bad Kid” is accompanied by a music video directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, who’s worked on creating videos for Snoop Dogg, JOYRICH, Capitol Records, Yellow Claw, Happy Socks, Nike and previously directed BAUM’s “Fuckboy” music video. Filmed in the frigid temperatures of Iceland, the “Bad Kid” music video shows BAUM isolated in a vast and unforgiving landscape. The icy, off-putting climate is a metaphor for BAUM’s frozen sentiments. “The focus was on wide shots, making Sabrina look as alone as possible against the beautiful but unforgiving Icelandic tundra,” says Cytrynowicz.

“Earlier this year, I decided to take a trip to Iceland with four other people and while there, we shot the music video. Marcella and I had a few different concepts for the story, but the most important thing for us was to capture the solitude and physical journey. We wanted to display our idea in a beautiful yet slightly dangerous place. ‘Bad Kid’ is about grieving, and regardless of how many people you have around you, you feel completely alone when you’re going through that,” says BAUM.

Hailing from a family of five siblings, BAUM strives to set an example for her two sisters through her music and lyrics, aiming to encapsulate her experiences as a young woman in the most honest way possible.

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