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Anthony Starble: “Stay The Same”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter collaborates with HAOO to deliver provocative new single.



Anthony Starble’s new R&B inspired pop song “Stay The Same” hooks you instantaneously and pulls you into a world of emotionality, as the cathartic lyrics float above a pumping combination of instrumentation. The single navigates the trepidatious terrain of toxic relationships. “Stay The Same” displays how easy it is to go against your better judgment and succumb to short-lived moments of solidarity.

Created in collaboration with producer, HAOO (NEONHEART), the seamless fusion of the drums and synth arpeggiation on “Stay the Same” generate a rolling effect that heightens the momentum and feeling of the conveyed message. Starble expertly maneuvers his vocals around the song while HAOO provides the framework. “I find when I work with HAOO, he really tunes into the styling of my voice and our collaborations explore how my voice can create sonic textures,” says Starble. The song came together with the idea of combining Starble’s bright R&B style with a darker mid tempo track. Conceptualizing the single started with Starble and HAOO focusing on sound design before diving into vocals, which resulted in Starble creating a darker and more provocative approach. “It was a special journey making this song as Anthony and me come from relatively different music backgrounds,” mentions HAOO, “…one day we decided that we want to make art that can truly represent who we are.”

Starble has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Ben Lee and Kristen Chenoweth both live and in the studio, and he regularly sings on pop demos and commercials. OK Magazine, Instinct Magazine, The Backlot and New Now Next have all lauded Starble’s musical abilities. His music has been featured in several successful television series including Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters and more.

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january 2022