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Adam Carmichael: “Return of the Cardinals”



It’s been over a year since Austin indie singer-songwriter Adam Carmichael released his last single, “This Is How It Ends,” so I was excited when we started working on this project together. Granted, this wasn’t what we had originally planned, but what started out as us doing an impromptu photo and video shoot at my place grew into a journey for both of us. He sought ways to start flexing his creative muscles again and I tried to find my own path creatively and professionally. So, we began our Odyssey together.

Adam originally wrote “Return of the Cardinals” a while back in memory of his paternal grandmother, Bama. While he had the music done, he couldn’t find the words that would do the song justice, then one night while we were editing videos we realized that what he couldn’t do lyically, we could do visually. Three days later, we had the first video of the Odyssey with “Return of the Cardinals.”

“I’ve been sitting on a lot of music that I’ve been working on and I haven’t been able to find the words, but I realized the words were all of you: the people I love and the ones that love me. “Return of the Cardinals” is the first chapter of our Odyssey,” says Adam, adding “Be good to one another and love each other”.

“In my grandma’s final days she would watch the cardinals from her bed through the window at the feeder. When she passed the cardinals stopped coming. Weeks later they returned. For her I chose to start taking care of myself again. I went for my first run and as I neared the end I stopped and was about to give up when a cardinal flew directly over my head and straight ahead down the path ahead of me. I knew it was her and I finished that run. And I wrote ‘Return of the Cardinals’ for her,” Adam explained.

The video not only features clips that we shot together, but it’s also interwoven with several candid personal videos featuring several of Adam’s friends and loved ones from the past couple of years. It’s a story of love and the people that we surround ourselves with and who touch our lives every day — our friends and family. In addition to his Bama, the song is dedicated to Adam’s brother Sean and his family.

“Return of the Cardinal” is the first chapter of The Odyssey with more chapters planned over the summer. Stay tuned!

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