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Elections 2019

Rainbow Wave Continues as 99 Out LGBTQ Candidates Win on Election Day

144 Out LGBTQ Candidates Won Elected Office So Far in 2019; Most Ever in Odd-Numbered Election Year



WASHINGTON, DC – More openly LGBTQ candidates won elected office in 2019 than in any other odd-numbered election year in United States history. As of November 6, at 1:30pm ET, a total of 144 openly LGBTQ candidates won election out of the 382 known openly LGBTQ candidates who ran throughout the year. Last night alone, 99 of the 200 known openly LGBTQ candidates on the ballot won their races – with six still undecided and six candidates heading to a runoff. Of the 382 known openly LGBTQ candidates who ran in 2019, 176 were endorsed by LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Statement from Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund

“By knocking on doors and speaking to the issues most pressing in their communities, LGBTQ candidates are winning elections in numbers and in parts of the country thought unthinkable a decade or two ago,” said Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund. “LGBTQ people are in every community – we are people of color, women, immigrants, and people with disabilities – and we come from families both liberal and conservative. This beautiful diversity provides an opportunity to connect on some level with every single voter in America. That is the reason LGBTQ candidates are winning in unprecedented numbers, and this will only accelerate in the years ahead.”

Below are key takeaways and a demographic and informational breakdown of the 382 openly LGBTQ candidates who ran in 2019.

  • 37.7 percent of known openly LGBTQ candidates won their races throughout 2019 (including Tuesday night), and 63.1 percent of Victory Fund endorsed candidates were successful;
  • In 2019, LGBTQ men ran in much higher numbers than LGBTQ women, yet the women candidates won at a higher rate (46.2 percent to 36.9 percent);
  • 56.3 percent of known out trans women who ran for office in 2019 won their races; and
  • In 2019, 83.2 percent of LGBTQ candidates ran as Democrats and 40.3 percent won, whereas 2.4 percent of LGBTQ candidates ran as Republicans and just 33.3 percent won.

Win/Loss Breakdown of the 200 openly LGBTQ candidates on the November 5 ballot

2019 LGBTQ CandidatesTotal onNov. 5 BallotWinsLossesTo RunoffNot Decided% Won
Victory Fund Endorsed LGBTQ Candidates11182205473.9%
Non-Endorsed LGBTQ Candidates8917691219.1%
All LGBTQ Candidates20099896649.5%

Win/Loss & Demographic Breakdown of the 382 openly LGBTQ candidates who ran in 2019, including candidates on the Nov. 5 ballot

2019 LGBTQ Candidates2019 TotalWinsLossesTo RunoffNot DecidedDropped/Withdrew% Won
Victory Fund Endorsed LGBTQ Candidates1761115654063.1%
Non-Endorsed LGBTQ Candidates20633146122416.0%
All LGBTQ Candidates382144202662437.7%

Office Level

2019 TotalWinsLossesTo RunoffNot DecidedDropped/Withdrew% Won
State Legislature1951210126.3%
Local (not incl. mayor)327129168462039.4%
All LGBTQ Candidates382144202662437.7%

Gender Identity

2019 TotalWinsLossesTo RunoffNot DecidedDropped/Withdrew% Won
Trans Men3020010.0%
Trans Women169600156.3%
Gender Non-Conforming21100050.0%
All LGBTQ Candidates382144202662437.7%

Sexual Orientation

2019 TotalWinsLossesTo RunoffNot DecidedDropped/Withdrew% Won
Same-Gender Loving41200125.0%
All LGBTQ Candidates382144202662437.7%


2019 TotalWinsLossesTo RunoffNot DecidedDropped/Withdrew% Won
Asian/Asian Pacific Islander5040010.0%
African American/Black/ Afro-Caribbean47142710529.8%
Native American/Alaska Native2020000.0%
Arab American/ Middle Eastern43100075.0%
All LGBTQ Candidates382144202662437.7%

Party Affiliation

2019 TotalWinsLossesTo RunoffNot DecidedDropped/Withdrew% Won
All LGBTQ Candidates382144202662437.7%

Source: Press release

Victory Fund works to achieve LGBTQ equality by recruiting, training and supporting openly LGBTQ candidates for public office around the country, giving our community a powerful voice in government.

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