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Jordyn Pollack always wanted to own his own business. Now, he, along with his father and brother, are running a CBD company with a focus on quality and customer service.



The founders of Ziggy's Naturals -- Jordyn Pollack (left), Marc Pollack (center), and Jake Pollack (right). (Salihah Saadiq)

It all started several years ago, over the holidays. Jordyn Pollack‘s father sat both him and his brother, Jake, down and asked each of them for ten ideas for a business they could start together. “My father has been in his own business for as long as I can remember,” Jordyn explained, adding that their father was all about the saying ‘if I only knew then what I know now’. “He wanted to take his knowledge from years in business and give it to us. At the same time, he wanted to learn from our knowledge about the millennial generation, what we like and the type of consumers we were.”

“Our first goal was to venture into something where we could really help people,” explained Jordyn. He had been working in the cannabis industry, first on the payroll side of the business, then in medical cannabis. “I was always into the plant and how it can help people in so many different ways.” With this foundation and the ongoing growth in the industry, Jordyn and his brother decided that this would be where they focused their business.

The founders of Ziggy’s Naturals — Jordyn Pollack (center), Jake Pollack (left), and Marc Pollack (right). (Salihah Saadiq)

Their first attempts at creating a line of edibles faced roadblocks from the start, with bureaucratic red tape making entry into actual cannabis products difficult. “We then started considering what else we could do in the industry where we could really help people. After an extensive amount of legwork and research, we decided that producing a line of CBD products was the way to go,” Jordyn explained, “We partnered up with one of the best hemp farmers in the country, worked on our branding and Ziggy’s Naturals was born. At first it was just my father and I running the business, but a short time later my brother joined the business as well.”

And that was the start of Ziggy’s Naturals, a family-owned and operated business, started three years ago, by Jordyn, his father Marc, and his brother. “I am really excited about the direction our company is heading. We are continuing to establish new relationships to help grow our social media marketing. We are adding new products to provide a wider array of choices,” explained Jordyn. “We have also made a very strong push into the LGBTQ+ community. Being a transgender man, and understanding the challenges faced by others that identify as LGBTQ+, as well as the benefits I have seen myself from the use of our products, we have chosen to do extensive marketing to that community and to support various LGBTQ+ organizations around the country.”

Ziggy’s Naturals co-founder Jordyn Pollack. (Salihah Saadiq)

“We have partnered up with one of the finest hemp farming operators in the state of Colorado. They have an extremely environmentally friendly operation and produce a very pure, clean and consistent line of full spectrum CBD products for us,” says Jordyn, “We believe in complete transparency and all of our products are 3rd party tested so that our clients have access to exactly what is contained in the products we sell, Each product has a QR code that will take the customer directly to the lab report for that product.”

“We are selling our products throughout the country and look forward to continuing to grow our market share in this very competitive business. We pride ourselves at providing some of the best CBD products in the country and the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to all our clients. We strive every day to provide the best customer service possible and do our best to make every client feel like they are our most important customer.”

What was the biggest obstacles to launching your CBD?

The biggest obstacle we initially faced in this business was establishing merchant relationships with credit vendors that enabled us to take payments on our e-commerce platform. These companies were very difficult to find several years ago and that created a bit of a roadblock for getting our website up and running with a full e-commerce platform. In terms of marketing, there are still a lot of restrictions that prevent us from being able to advertise wherever we want. Definitely a challenge. Finally, complying with regulations is very important to us and there are many. Fortunately, my father, who is also my partner, is an attorney and makes sure we are always doing things by the book.

What makes Ziggy’s Naturals unique from your competitors?

We are different from other CBD companies because we do not just market to the LGBTQ+ community, we are a part of it. Being co-founded by a transgender man, and family owned, I really separate us from others. We also treat all our customers like family. We do not ever want them to look anywhere else for their CBD products.

How has the pandemic affected your business?

The pandemic has definitely made it difficult to do any outside sales or attend any conventions around the country. Despite that, our website sales have been very good during the past year. I believe a lot of people have been under a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety which may have led to an increase in business.

What is your vision for the future of Ziggy’s Naturals?

Our goal is to continue to grow Ziggy’s Naturals to become one of the most well-respected CBD brands in the country. We want to keep expanding in the LGBTQ+ market and to get involved with initiatives to help support that community. This is an extremely competitive business, and our vision is to continue to make changes as appropriate to outpace our competition.

Anything coming up soon that we should keep an eye out for?

We are adding some new products to our line in the very near future. We are extremely excited about them and believe they will be very successful. We also continued to add great partners in the LGBTQ plus community throughout the country that help support and grow our brand. Keep an eye on our website and social media to learn more about all of this soon.

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