Chelsea Austin: Inexplicably Me

Life lessons and struggles of a 1990’s daughter of two gay men detailed in memoir now available



LOS ANGELES — Chelsea Austin Montgomery-Duban Wäechter, a writer, speaker and life coach also known as Chelsea Austin, announced today the debut of her memoir, Inexplicably Me: A Story of Labels, Worthiness, and Refusing to Be Boxed In. Chelsea’s family made California history by being the first single-parent adoption case for a same-sex couple where one of the child’s parents was the sperm donor, his cousin the surrogate and his sister-in-law the egg donor. In her memoir, she shares her unique story to help others struggling with identity issues, mental health challenges, bullying and rejection find self-worth and joy.

Though her circumstances are unique, her life lessons are universal. Inexplicably Me touches on topics including:

Redefining Labels and Identity – Chelsea reflects on the boxes she was put in based on the family she was born into. How can readers create their own identity and redefine their existing labels?

Getting Through Emotional Challenges in Life – From Chelsea’s Daddy going to prison for two years, to her auntie and biological mother dying from cancer, Chelsea reflects on finding resilience in incredibly difficult times. How can readers create environments for themselves to reflect, feel and overcome?

Overcoming Negativity, Uncertainty and Rejection – Whether she was dealing with mean girls growing up, romantic rejection, or not getting into the colleges she wanted to, Chelsea had to learn to turn away from negativity and embrace uncertainty. How can readers do the same?


Finding Worthiness in Every Relationship – Chelsea dives into her relationships, thinking about her experiences navigating family, friendship and romance. How can readers share their full selves with loved ones? And how can they find peace with their inner selves?

“Writing a book was a dream I didn’t even know I had, but it’s more than that it became something I needed to do. I am thrilled to be able to share my story and mission to spread love and acceptance to all,” said Austin. “I think of the memoir as a love letter to the world, where I ask people to give themselves and others grace and acceptance even if we don’t understand them. It truly is a coming-of-age story and how I was able to define who I am and who I want to be for myself.”

Inexplicably Me is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major retailers nationwide.


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