Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Will Sheridan: “Cut A Rug” (WATCH)

The Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist Will Sheridan has released the first video for a single from his latest album G2 which Sheridan released online earlier this year. “Cut A Rug”, co-directed by Sheridan along with Matt Sparks, who was also the videographer and editor, takes us out for an altered-state night out on the dancefloor with Will and his friends.

You can check out and download G2, the second album in the G.I.A.N.T. series, on Soundcloud for free. Sheridan encourages everyone to “listen (to whole thing thru) Download and Like the tracks you do and feel free to share, bootleg, copy, recreate and steal all my ideas!”

Will Sheridan performed in Austin at this year’s therepubliqfest at Oilcan Harry’s as well as during the Stargayzer showcase at Rain on 4th.


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Top image photo credit: Youtube screen capture

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