Monday, December 10, 2018

Uncle Meg: “Big Daddy Margaret Rose” (WATCH)

Check out the latest video from the West Virginian-born, Brooklyn-based queer rapper Uncle Meg, formerly of Hand Job Academy, for “Big Daddy Margaret Rose.” The video premiered last month on AfterEllen. Co-directed by Uncle Meg and Eric Rivas, the video was shot on the set of Rivas’ indie horror film Vampire Bikers Tres at Brooklyn’s notorious Forbidden Ones motorcycle club where she met “a lot of different characters from different backgrounds: Coney Island Side Show freaks, bikers, and just many New York City local actors.”

We first met Uncle Meg back in 2015 when she performed at the inaugural therepubliqfest at Oilcan Harry’s as part of the viral rap collective Hand Job Academy. Since then, she’s broken off from the collective and set out on her own. 2015 saw the solo emcee carving out her own musical lane, including a single called “Angel Dust” which featured Laura Lee Bishop an Austin-based artist who performed recently as part of the Austin Indie Music Showcase at therepubliqfest 2016.


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TOP IMAGE: Uncle Meg / photo credit: Screen capture / YouTube