Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tom Goss: ‘Gay Christmas’ (WATCH)

The holidays aren’t always the holly and jolly occasions that we want them to be, especially when the political landscape is toxic. It’s really hard to enjoy that holiday turkey or ham while Uncle Ben drones on and on about how Trump is going to make America great again. The latest video from LA-based singer-songwriter Tom Goss is meant for every one of us who “have felt like an outsider on what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year,” adding “If you don’t feel at home this holiday season, I hope you can spend time with those that love you for all that you are.”

“Too many of us have had to learn to accept less from our families when it comes to fully embracing us for who we are,” he explained to Huffington Post. He explained the “sense of betrayal” he felt after learning that some family members and close friends had voted for Donald Trump. “Yet we are expected to be the ones to forgive, to ‘move on’ and pretend everything is okay,” he added, “even as the current administration and GOP keep supporting anti-gay politicians and policies.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about the countless numbers of gay men and women who feel alienated from their family this holiday season. I’ve been thinking about those that can’t go home and those that go home yet have become accustomed to being silent about who they really are in order to assimilate.  If you don’t feel welcome at home this holiday season, I hope you spend time with those who love you for all that you are. Love, Tom. This is a still image from ‘Gay Christmas,’ my new music video. ‘Gay Christmas’ releases tomorrow, Tuesday, December 19. Photo: @nathcreation . . . . . #music #gay #christmas #holidays #gaychristmas #carol #christmascarol #beach #santamonica #californiachristmas #holiday #holidayseason #tistheseason #indie #music #musicvideo #indiemusicvideo #tomgossmusic #hiimtom #beyou #beauthentic #neversettleforless

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“Gay Christmas” is available through most online outlets, including Amazon and iTunes.


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