Morgxn: “XX” (LISTEN)

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter morgxn has dropped his latest single, “xx” (pronounced ‘kiss-kiss’) from his soon-to-be-released debut EP vital. The song touches on topics that are close to morgxn’s heart, with Impose Magazine calling it “an achingly beautiful track” and V Magazine saying lyrics were “not only authentic, but also passionate and complex”. “xx” premiered on The Line of Best Fit which described “channeling Fleetwood Mac”.

morgxn tells The Line of Best Fit: “we are born into this world knowing how to love. but we forget, every day, that it’s our right to feel it. to receive it. XX is reclaiming that for myself. this song was the genesis of my project. it came from years of searching and wandering and creating. X marks the spot… so they say. to me, an X is all about transitions and crossroads, and finally claiming that transition for myself.”

“xx” is available through most online outlets, including Amazon and iTunes.


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