morgxn: “home” (WATCH)

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter morgxn has released his newest video for his single, “home”. “i have always been drawn to telling stories. since i was a kid, i always saw myself in the hero characters,” morgxn tells his fans in an email announcing the video’s premiere. “in all these stories – where is adventure? where is home? and most importantly.. who is home? but somewhere along the way it didn’t work to tell someone else’s story – they didn’t fit the truth i was living inside. i needed to tell my own. this music video is the story of a boy who finds his home in himself amongst a new kind of family, and redefines what home means along the way.”

“home” premiered on PAPER Magazine. The video follows the story of Matthew and his cousin, the Empress Vivika Westwood Mugler, who together with Prince Mugler, Mel Mel Mugler, Kamari Mugler and VeeVee Mugler form The Iconic House of Miyake-Mugler.

“Home” is available through most online outlets, including Amazon and iTunes.


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