Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Eli Lieb: ‘Shangri La’ (WATCH)

Indie singer-songwriter Eli Lieb is back with “Shangri La” his newest single along a video that he describes as his “most intimate yet.” The video features Lieb, brokenhearted, coping emotionally … nude in a tub. Lieb is undoubtedly a very handsome man, but rather than the nudity being gratuitous, it is tastefully done so that it adds to the story, showing him exposed — physically and emotionally.

While we see many more out artists getting mainstream attention these day, I honestly feel that Eli Lieb is one of the most talented independent artists out there. Sure, his tracks aren’t going to make the Top 40 and you’re not going to hear remixes of his singles on the dancefloor. What you’re going to get with every song he puts out is an authentic and relatable story, written and sung by an amazingly talented artist with a beautiful voice … and did I mention that he’s smoking hot?

“Shangri La” is available through most online outlets, including Amazon and iTunes.


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