Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Eli Lieb: ‘Next To You’ (WATCH)

Iowa-born and based indie singer-songwriter Eli Lieb has been busy this year with several new singles, along with videos for several of them as he winds up work on his upcoming album. His latest single, “Next To You”, features a video shot by Isaac Winkler and featuring fellow singer-songwriter Michael Dugan. The combination of Lieb’s authentic and relatable storytelling along with Winkler’s visuals makes for a strikingly beautiful video for an equally beautiful song.

“Eli has always been an artist who shares utmost authenticity in his music, “Next To You” is no exception and there is no second doubting the lyrics come straight from the heart when the confirmation comes in the vocal performance, which is so full of feeling and sentiment,” says EQ Music, adding “The song is especially, powerful. It speaks out with truthful, on-point, emotive intensity, becoming even more important with the addition of beautifully touching visuals”.

The Randy Reports described the single as an “as always, top-shelf production and a strong hook make this another winner from Eli.”

“Next To You” is available through most online outlets, including Amazon and iTunes.

Stay tuned! According to a post on his Twitter account, Leib’s new album The Nights We Lived is nearly complete.


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