Monday, December 10, 2018

You’re Killing Me (TRAILER)

With its blend of witty banter, pop culture references and good old-fashioned murder, You’re Killing Me has been described as the “Gilmore Girls” meets “Dexter”. Directed and co-written by The Chloe Videos creator Jim Hansen, the film, which sold out festival screenings last year, uses humor, camp, and razor sharp wit to tell a morality tale about self-obsession and our growing disconnection with the world around us.

George (Jeffery Self), a narcissistic wannabe internet star, starts dating Joe (Matthew McKelligon), a monotone serial killer. While all of George’s friends agree that Joe seems a bit strange, George claims his new beau “isn’t scary, he’s gorgeous.” But as George’s friends start to disappear, the remaining group decides to take matters into their own hands.

Starring Matthew McKelligon (Interior. Leather. Bar., Eastsiders, and My Sweet Suicide), Jeffery Self (Logo’s “Jeffery & Cole Casserole”), Drew Droege (The Chloe Videos), Mindy Cohn (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”), and Edi Patterson (“Blackish,” “Partners”).

You’re Killing Me is available for streaming across digital platforms including Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, YouTube and The film is also available on DVD via Wolfe Video and many major retailers including Amazon.


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