Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Google Home Ad Features Family with Gay Dads

The newest ad from Google Home has Alex walking in to his family’s kitchen, saying hello to his son and daughter, and asking the Google Assistant “OK Google, tell me about my day,” as he greets his husband at the stove. It informs him that traffic his heavy and his commute will be 45 minutes by car. His husband Ross asks about his day and the assistant tells him is his first meeting isn’t until 10 AM, so he tells Alex that he’ll take the children to school.

While remarkable in that it featured a modern family with two days, the content was probably the same routine that many families go through each morning. The ad was meant to promote that Google Home now supported multiple users as the Assistant can now distinguish between different voices — in this case, between the voices of two men. Google simply showed its commitment to diversity and inclusion with a nod towards LGBTQ families.

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